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Sangita Patel and Scott McGillivray on Home To Win

Sangita Patel and Scott McGillivray on <I>Home To Win</I>

Home To Win is a new powerhouse reality series on HGTV Canada that offers Canadian viewers the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the history of HGTV Canada – a gorgeous, fully-furnished home. For the first time ever, 20  HGTV Canada builders and designers gather under one roof, bringing their extraordinary expertise, creativity and reno know-how to this massive project. Together, they will completely transform a ho-hum house into a magnificent masterpiece, while home-winning hopefuls from across the country will vie to compete for this spectacular house in the dramatic series finale. Two Speakers’ Spotlight personalities appear on the show, Entertainment Tonight’s Sangita Patel acts as the show’s host, while Income Property’s Scott McGillivray is one of the experts. Sangita took the time to write about the show’s first week, and what’s to come in the next nine:

The first thing we needed to do this week was to find the perfect property. That meant I had to send out teams to seek different types of properties: urban, suburban, unconventional and country.

I recruited Sarah Richardson, Scott McGillivray, Paul Lafrance, Samantha Pynn, Rob Evans and Mia Parres to look for the perfect Home to Win. They searched for a property that fit their bill. With their expertise they thought of how each property could be a dream home. Some ideas were very interesting! Samantha Pynn even considered keeping the dancing pole!

When the teams pitched their ideas, they got very competitive. I love seeing Bryan trying to convince Sarah. It seems she’s always right! And Sarah Richardson can sell you anything. Scott left the pitch to Sarah since he had been called away, and she was brilliant!

But at the end, with all pitches complete, they decided on the country house on a 70 acre property – shh, that was also my choice!

Watching them intensely to agree upon a property, I can see they were very passionate about the project! They knew their decision was going to affect a Canadian family.

The first day at the house – wow, it was a moment! Beautiful day with beautiful people and I know you want to know if anyone was a diva…NO! Phew, I am so blessed to work with the most humble, hard working people. They are all rock stars!

It was so awesome that some were willing to teach me a thing or two about construction and design. Yes, you may just see me take out an old dirty nasty toilet!

Truly, it was an awe moment to see the HGTV Canada celebs meet each other for the first time for Home to Win. Some have never met each other before. I think some were actually in shock to meet people who inspired them.

What makes them the best, well right away they wanted to get down to business and figure out what to do with the house! The best part for me was when I started talking ALL of them were listening! They were intrigued with what was about to happen.

As expected, Scott started looking closer at the house and found an issue with the Cupola, poor baby hurt his finger! Don’t worry he’s okay.

When they walked into the house they all simply started working together, brainstorming and coming up with ideas for the house! They all rolled up their sleeves and started working. Taking out all the furniture, digging the front grounds, cleaning and started dreaming! The journey is about to begin and let me tell you, this will be a show like nothing you’ve ever seen before! For the first time 20 of the biggest HGTV Canada stars are working together to make THE ultimate dream home and you will see your favourite HGTV Canada star in a very different light! It’s going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Sangita Patel/April, 2016