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Election 2015: Making Sense Of It All

Election 2015: Making Sense Of It All

In the aftermath of this week’s federal election, there are no greater minds to make sense of where Canada has been—and where it’s going—than these trusted political commentators and insiders:

Insightful, provocative commentary on political and economic issues is what Andrew Coyne always delivers. With topical and timely presentations, the columnist for the National Post ignites debate and discussion with every audience.

Read Andrew Coyne on the Liberal comeback.

A prolific journalist who is passionate about Canadian politics, Chantal Hébert takes to the stage to address matters of national importance, while juggling her journalism with The Toronto Star, L’Actualité, and the CBC TV’s The National.

Read Chantal Hébert on the Liberal win.

Paul Wells is a senior columnist for Maclean’s magazine and one of Canada’s foremost political commentators. Fresh, funny and authoritative, Wells speaks in both official languages on all of the matters of the day.

Rudyard Griffiths never shies away from discussing the big issues. Chairman of the world renowned Munk Debates (Canada’s preeminent public forum) and business commentator on the CBC News Network, he is an expert at moderating Q&A format presentations, one-on-one interviews, and panels with business leaders and executives.

There are few people in a better position to talk politics and current affairs than Tasha Kheiriddin. Fluently bilingual, she writes weekly columns for both The National Post and about federal and Quebec politics. Addressing politics, current affairs, and the economy, Tasha’s smart and polished presentations are not to be missed.

Jeffrey Simpson has his finger on the pulse of Canada–and the world. The Globe and Mail’s national affairs columnist since 1984, Simpson has analyzed many of the major political, social and economic issues of our time, and is a sought-after speaker at major conferences and abroad.

Whether it’s economics, geopolitics, or international security and terrorism, few people have a better understanding of global issues than Professor Janice Gross Stein, founding director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

Bestselling author of The Ingenuity Gap, Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon shows audiences how to adapt and prosper in a world of ever-increasing complexity, speed, and surprise. Called “one of the best-informed and most brilliant writers on global affairs today” by The Guardian, he helps audiences understand how the world is rapidly changing and what that means for our future.

In photo above:
Top row: Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hébert, Paul WellsRudyard Griffiths.
Bottom Row: Tasha Kheiriddin, Jeffrey Simpson, Janice Gross Stein, Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon.