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Allan Hawco On Life After Republic of Doyle

Allan Hawco On Life After <I> Republic of Doyle</I>

Bell Island, N.L. native Allan Hawco celebrates a new year and a brand new chapter in 2015. After the finale of his award-winning television series Republic of Doyle on December 10, Hawco parked his classic ride, the GTO, along with his wise-crackin’ character Jake Doyle — for the time being. There’s said to be Doyle movies in the works, but before that there are dramatic turns, feature films and a whole lot of action in store for Hawco and his production company, Take the Shot Productions.

After six successful seasons of a property now broadcast in 98 countries worldwide (and a giant here at home), Take the Shot moves into the future as a bonafide player. Hawco proudly reports “over $140 million of economic activity from Republic of Doyle alone in the city of St. John’s over six years. That’s just our production budget spent in the province, that’s excluding any kind of tourism spin-off.”

The “dream come true” hit series came with a whole lot of hustle for Hawco. Yet, as co-creator, executive producer, head writer, show runner and omnipresent star, he still managed to keep all the plates skillfully spinning.

“It’s tough, but the number one rule… you need to surround yourself with extremely diligent, intelligent and talented people. It’s the only way to survive in any business I would imagine and my partners are smarter and more talented than me in so many of these ways that it keeps me from burning out.”

Still, Hawco confesses he came pretty close three years ago. Amidst the breakneck pace of one of Doyle’s biggest seasons — under the radar, surrounded by friends and family — Allan Hawco married Carolyn Stokes (host of CBC News: Here and Now Late Night). Balance was restored.

“She has been my rock through all of it. She was there when I was an unemployed theatre actor and was in love with me then. She’s never mad at me. She understands this opportunity has been a gift for us both because I’m working and functioning out of my home as opposed to spending all my time in Toronto auditioning for things I didn’t want to do.”

Hawco’s rule over the Republic not only established his star power, it also fostered his craving to create, so no — there’s no slowdown in sight. Be watching for him in the six-part mini-series The Book of Negroes, the Paul Gross feature Hyena Road and Take the Shot’s green-lit series Caught …and he’s only just getting started. Oh Yeah!

A numbers game…
ONE best piece of life advice?
Nothing is impossible. Obviously there are things that cannot be done — of course. But most things we want to have happen, that we think are just too hard to go after — I think they are often within our grasp.

TWO for the road: cross country car trip – who’s your co-pilot?
My wife. She’s the best person I have ever met.

THREE for the show: your choice triple bill – what’s playing?
This is an impossible question for me to answer because it changes every three months! I try not to stay stuck in the past when it comes to my tastes in film and tv. But if I had to recommend three for fun? Scorsese/De Nero trio: Mean Streets, Raging Bull, Good Fellas.

FOUR seasons: which one is your favourite?
Summer… because it’s summer.

FIVE-alarm fire: things you would take?
Laptop and my pants.

Atlantic Business Magazine/December, 2014