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Author Carl Honoré Releases His Latest Book The Slow Fix

Author Carl Honoré Releases His Latest Book <i>The Slow Fix</i>

Carl Honoré wants us all to slow down.

Honoré spent two years digging up case studies to illustrate exactly how and why a slower approach to life works.

In his latest book, The Slow Fix, Honoré deconstructs the problem-solving down to 13 essential elements, beginning with the mea culpa, admitting the problem, and leading to a long, gradual overhaul that’s heavy on collaboration, consensus, feedback and strong leadership: “Speed is now doing more harm than good right across the board — stress and ill health, people are exhausted, distracted, it’s eroding our relationships.”
The book has received quite a bit of buzz:

Watch an interview with Carl on Global Toronto’s The Morning Show.

Read a review of the book from The  National Post’s Philip Marchand.

Check out some Q&A with the author from The Star‘s Andrea Gordon


Carl will be in Toronto tonight to promote the book.