Virtual Presentations

Speakers’ Spotlight has been offering virtual options since 2009. In the COVID-19 era, virtual events have now become our go-to tool for connection and the most effective alternative to in-person events.

Our roster already includes some of the top virtual speakers from around the world, and their virtual presentations help leaders and organizations continue to educate, engage and inspire their teams, no matter where they may be.

How Do Virtual Presentations Work?

There are several video-conferencing platforms that offer easy set-up for online learning and development. High-quality video and audio, screen sharing, chat, and moderated Q&A are all regular features of these online platforms. Read more.

More Than a Webinar

With direct access to industry experts, we offer more than just a webinar but a virtual experience. Our speakers are skilled in delivering the best online presentations that emulate the feel of in-person events. They create immersive, interactive, and often customized virtual presentations. Read more.

Benefits of Taking Your Events Online

COVID-19 has disrupted our traditional way of connecting — face-to-face time. But our need to connect is even stronger. Events play an important role in this. Instead of cancelling, consider moving your event online to continue providing your community with the networking opportunities they crave and the personal and professional development they need. Read more.


Transitioning from in-person to virtual events is no small feat! Here are the frequently asked questions we’ve received from our clients about going virtual.

What software or tools do I need as a meeting planner to set up a virtual presentation?

Can all of your speakers do virtual presentations?

What’s the difference between a virtual presentation and a webinar?

How can you re-create a conference online?