Warren Tomlin

Warren Tomlin

Former Global Chief Innovation Officer for IBM | Innovation, Marketing, Strategy and Technology Expert

It’s revolution, not evolution. An industry recognized innovation, marketing, strategy and technology leader, Warren Tomlin is the former Global Chief Innovation Officer for IBM, where he led the development of IBM Mobile and Emerging Tech. Named one of Marketing magazine’s 100 Thought Leaders, Warren explains how to drive integrated strategy, innovation, and technology to create differentiated experiences for organizations worldwide.

Previously, Warren led IBM’s North American Labs. With locations in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Toronto, IBM Labs develops new and personalized models of engagement through data and design, leveraging mobile, interactive, web/portal, social, contact center and cloud technologies.

Warren also led a global digital strategy and development consulting practice, and ran one of the top digital agencies in North America, working with McDonalds, 20th Century Fox, Coca-Cola and Microsoft.

As a speaker, Warren has shared stages with astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield, Malcolm Gladwell, Guy Kawasaki, and Gene Simmons. A two-time speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show, he was also a presenter at the 2016 and 2017 Mobile World Congress, and has been a regular contributor to various media and publications.

Warren holds an MBA from Queen’s School of Business, and has an energy and passion for fostering innovation within the marketing and digital communities.

Experience as the North Star: Don’t Lose Your Way with Your Customers

Transformation is hard – really hard. In today’s modern world, your customers are experiencing change and expecting new innovations in products and services at unprecedented levels. When it comes down to it, the only point of differentiation left today is the experience itself.

By sharing stories of his professional observations and personal anecdotes, Warren Tomlin, former Chief Innovation Officer at IBM, shows how your organization can use experience as the North Star to guide you through this complex, digital world:

  • Understanding the Experience: Why leaders need to be ‘bilingual’ and become fluent in both the languages of business and technology. Why you need to find partners and build an ecosystem that can help your organization navigate through the noise and help you define the game-changers in your company.
  • Driving the Experience: CDO? More like CEO. Digital means more than information, technology and data. Digital – the way we use it – refers to big game-changing transformations. Who is the right person to lead your organization?
  • Implementing the Experience: What do digital reinvention and campfires have in common? Like campfires in a large camp site, digital initiatives can spark up in different departments. However, how do we proceed with purpose while embracing the spirit of our change agents?