W. Brett Wilson

CBC TV “Dragon Emeritus” | Celebrated Entrepreneur | Philanthropist

Brett Wilson is a celebrated Canadian entrepreneur, respected philanthropist, and the all-time leading deal maker on CBC’s hit TV show, Dragons’ Den.  Within a penchant for investing in people rather than projects, Wilson is proof that it’s possible to succeed in business without losing your principles. His stories about success, mistakes and finding balance leave his audiences inspired to achieve even the loftiest of personal goals.

Often described as a “capitalist with a heart”, Wilson sees corporate social responsibility not as an obligation but as an incredible opportunity, and believes that strategic philanthropy can create major social and economic benefits. He has spoken to hundreds of diverse audiences, from schools and colleges and universities to corporate events across North America. His ability to engage an audience with an unexpected mix of vulnerability and humor inspires us to balance passion with priorities, and redefine our lives based on what matters most.

Wilson is heavily invested in the energy, agriculture, real estate, sports and entertainment industries through his primary holding company, Prairie Merchant Corporation. As a writer, he has published columns on entrepreneurship in the national press, and is the author of the Canadian bestseller, Redefining Success: Still Making Mistakes.

He holds degrees in engineering and business, holds an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from Royal Roads University, and is a member of both the Order of Canada and the Saskatchewan Order of Merit.

Brett Wilson on Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy and More

Brett’s messaging can be adapted to almost any situation. His ability to speak to entrepreneurial success and creative philanthropic endeavors is unrivalled. He is a two – time cancer warrior – or graduate as the term he prefers – enabling him to speak from experience about re-establishing personal priorities.

He is passionate about the three courses that all people should be exposed to as the essence of empowerment: i) marketing, ii) entrepreneurship, and iii) philanthropy – giving him considerable scope for educating and inspiring audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

He adds candid revelations about his own life journey, sprinkled with doses of humour and sarcasm that engage audiences from start to finish. His Q&A sessions are highly regarded for audience involvement.

Brett is always able to customize elements of his messaging to increase engagement and relevance to a wide range of audiences.