Tommy Spaulding


Tommy Spaulding

Leading Through the Power of Relationship

Tommy Spaulding’s career is built on valuable, authentic relationships. More than an expert on networking, he inspires his audiences through his personal stories of connecting with individuals on a level that is more than “business-card” deep.

Spaulding is the author of the bestselling book, It’s Not Just Who You Know (Transform Your Life and Your Organization by Turning Colleagues and Contacts into Lasting, Genuine Relationships), as well as his most recent title, The Heart-Led Leader: How Living and Leading from the Heart Will Change Your Organization and Your Life, which is a New York Times and #1 Wall Street Journal national bestseller. In The Heart-Led Leader, Spaulding discusses the “18 Inch Journey” which is the distance from your head to your heart.

Spaulding rose to become the youngest president and CEO of the world-renowned leadership organization, Up with People, a global education organization which aims to bring the world together through service and music, from 2005-2008.

In 2000, Spaulding founded Leader’s Challenge, which became the largest high school civic and leadership program in Colorado. He is also the founder and president of the National Leadership Academy, a leading national non-profit leadership development organization. Previously, Spaulding was the Business Partner Sales Manager at IBM/Lotus Development and a member of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program.

Spaulding received a BA in Political Science from East Carolina University; an MBA from Bond University in Australia (where he was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar); and an MA in Non- Profit Management from Regis University. In 2007, Spaulding received an Honorary PhD in Humanities from the Art Institute of Colorado.

Among his awards and recognitions, Spaulding received an Honorary PhD in Humanities from the Art Institute of Colorado, and the Denver Business Journal’s “Forty under 40 Award.”

In 2006, Spaulding was awarded East Carolina University’s “Outstanding Alumni Award,” the highest distinction awarded to an alumnus of the university. In 2009, he was appointed the university’s first “Leader in Residence.” In 2012, he was named by Meetings & Conventions Magazine as one of the Best Keynote Speakers in the USA.

The Heart-Led Leader

18 Inches is the distance from your head to your heart.

Such a short distance, yet most leaders never take the journey.

Leaders and organizations that lead with their hearts are more successful and achieve better results than those that don’t.

In Tommy Spaulding’s keynote he shows that love and results are not opposites, they are two sides of the same coin. It is not love or results — it is love-driven results. If you love what you do, if you love the people you do it with, if you love your culture, if you love your mission, if you love your team, if you love your customers, you will achieve better results.

Heart-led leadership transcends numbers and spreadsheets. It is more sustainable and more rewarding.

During this keynote, Spaulding teaches that defining your leadership philosophy is one of the most important steps you can take as a leader and as an organization and for your life. Being a Heart-Led leader will change your life and your organization.

ROR: Return on Relationship

Tommy Spaulding inspires audiences and teaches them how to achieve unprecedented professional and personal success by forming deeper, more authentic relationships with customers, employees, clients, and other key stake-holders.

Spaulding’s career has been built on valuable and authentic relationships. More than a networking expert, Tommy has led international organizations and forged bonds with leaders that are far more than “business card” deep.

While tough economists talk only of return on investment (ROI). Tommy contends that “return on relationships,” or “ROR”, is the currency we should focus on rather than solely ROI. By focusing on building meaningful relationships, bottom line goals can be achieved.

Spaulding demonstrates how investing unselfishly in the lives of others is the most important thing we can do for ourselves and our organizations.