The Carrot Guys

Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton’s shared message on employee engagement will change the way you do business. Co-authors of the critically acclaimed, bestselling business books The 24-Carrot Manager, and A Carrot a Day, they are consultants to Fortune 500 companies who speak to more than 100,000 each year on the power of effective, strategic employee recognition.

Self-dubbed as “The Carrot Guys,” they will motivate your managers and get your leaders engaged in the principles and how-to’s of recognition.

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[NEW] Employee Engagement: The Deep Dive

The Dilemma: 90% of senior leaders believe employee engagement is a key driver of business performance, but only 24% think their employees are engaged enough to move their business forward.

The Research: New York Times bestselling authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton are founding partners of The Conference Board’s Engagement Institute, and have unprecedented access to meta-data on engagement that includes hundreds of thousands of employees in some of the world’s highest performing organizations.

The Result: In a fresh, humorous and thought-provoking keynote, Gostick & Elton can show exactly how real leaders move the needle on employee engagement. The authors drill deep with case studies and practical examples of known drivers of engagement such as open & honest communication, people development and recognition.

The Audience: Designed for managers and senior leaders, the authors have presented “Employee Engagement: The Deep Dive” to many corporate audiences as a follow-up to their All In presentation on Culture. The session is typically customized to an organization’s specific engagement needs.

Become A 24-Carrot Leader

Gostick and Elton’s most popular presentation, “Become A 24-Carrot Leader” illustrates there is a way to retain your best employees and win the commitment of all your people. It’s called employee recognition. In a dynamic, humorous and powerful presentation, corporate recognition consultants Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton show business leaders how to create powerful, bonding recognition experiences and present case studies of effective recognition from some of North America’s finest companies.

Plentiful examples show how to choose the right reward for your employees, how to time the giving of a reward to motivate performance, how to effectively present rewards, when to give praise in public and when to make it a private celebration, and how to motivate employees to work harder and smarter with the company’s goals in mind.

Everything You Need to Know About Recognition You Learned from Your Mom

Who says employee recognition has to be difficult? Using a combination of non-cash recognition and simple training for the presentation of formal awards, many of today’s leading companies are successfully transforming their corporations into “Carrot Cultures” – creating workplaces where employees are committed, profitability is high, and retention is among the best in their industries. In a presentation that serves exceptionally well as a keynote address or breakout, authors and recognition consultants to numerous Fortune 100 firms, Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick illustrate how companies like KFC/Tricon, Avis, and Johnson & Johnson spread the power of recognition across diverse locations and how every organization can implement these simple principles.

You’ll learn:

Recognition/motivation programs do not need to be complex or expensive. Most non-monetary and formal recognition doesn’t have the impact it should. With a few simple ideas used in America’s best companies, you can increase the impact of the recognition presentation.

The impact of recognition on your organization can be measured. Companies have learned how to measure the impact of recognition.

The Invisible Employee: Realize the Hidden Potential in Everyone

There’s a crisis in business today: the invisible employee. Feeling overlooked, ignored and unappreciated, these invisible employees fight back the only way they know how … by staying hidden in the corporate shadows, doing just enough to get by, grumbling about this and that, and passing these techniques along to new workers. You probably know your share of these folks — you may even have a few working for you. But what can be done?

Employee recognition experts Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick teach how simple praise and recognition techniques will result in productive employees who feel noticed, valued and appreciated. Their compelling presentation is packed with examples and best practices from leading companies such as DHL, VNU Media Measurement, Xcel Energy, and Friendly Ice Cream Corporation.

The Invisible Employee: Realize the Hidden Potential in Everyone discusses real leaders who have learned how to better manage employees by valuing and appreciating them. In today’s competitive environment, all of us are looking for the next big product, the next big capability or solution. But great managers are turning back to the basics. They are finding that recognizing people leads to a more engaged workforce and a more successful business.