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Scott Burrows

Expert on Vision, Mindset, and Pure Grit

Scott Burrows
Speaker Reel
The Fear of Uncertainty
Navigate Change by Asking Better Questions
Scott Burrows
Speaker Reel
The Fear of Uncertainty
Navigate Change by Asking Better Questions

A star athlete, Scott Burrows played college football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kickboxing champion whose last fight was broadcast by ESPN. At the height of his athletic career, Burrows life changed dramatically — a horrific car crash left him with a severe spinal cord injury that paralyzed him from the chest down. Despite his grim diagnosis, Burrows refused to be sidelined. Through the principles of vision, mindset, and grit, he found himself competing again.

Six months after his life-changing accident, Burrows astonished all, including his doctors, by turning an impossible goal of standing into a reality. He then enrolled back into college and earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of South Florida. After graduation, Burrows became a financial advisor in the insurance industry. Within five years, he qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, a 100% commission-driven sales award that less than 8% of his peers from around the world qualify for.

At the pinnacle of his career, Burrows was involved in a second automobile accident. New injuries forced him to re-evaluate, re-invent, and, once again, re-ignite his life. Burrows became a venture capitalist in partnership with his brother. They formed an international golf course development company that is still thriving to this day.

Today, as an in-demand motivational speaker and bestselling author of Vision Mindset Grit, Burrows delivers presentations around the globe to a diverse range of organizations, associations, and Fortune 500 companies. His compelling story of tragedy and triumph has captivated and inspired audiences in Australia, India, Spain, Bermuda, Mexico, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

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Client reviews

  • I could say that Scott Burrows simply ‘spoke’ to us about Vision, Mindset and Grit, but actually, it would be better stated that Scott mesmerized this group of hard-to-impress folks on these topics that day! By diligently researching our company before his speech, learning in-depth our purpose, practices, challenges and opportunities, and precisely aligning these with the myriad relevant aspects of his amazing life’s story, Scott drove home to all a message of seeing what is possible and good, overcoming all obstacles to get there, and winning! He left our audience standing, clapping and deeply wishing that he would stay with us a whole lot longer!

  • We cried, we laughed, and we cheered! You presented the perfect message following our intense human resource management training, instilling within us to believe that we can indeed achieve all that we aspire to do and to be. With unparalleled credibility, you taught us how to face our own challenges in our professional and personal lives. You taught us to not resist difficulties; rather to persevere…and you told us how to do it! You said to clearly identify what we are fighting for, to focus and continually refocus our minds on what we have the ability and power to do, and then simply, but not easily, not give up. Your compelling story of tragedy and triumph was the backdrop, providing what is surely to be a lasting memory to inspire and motivate us to also live purposely applying the same timeless principles that enable you to live an abundant life.

  • Words cannot express my appreciation to you for the presentations you gave to our associates over the course of two days. I heard nothing but positive comments. One person told me, “I don’t know what you paid Scott for our workforce safety meeting, but he was worth every penny!” I would say the standing ovations conveyed how strongly our associates felt about your presentation. And they were loud ovations, not just a ho-hum response. And don’t forget that one of those ovations was after the end of a shift!! You connected with people. And from my perspective, you certainly helped us attain our goal of “challenging and inspiring our associates to be the best they could be every day and to make workforce safety a number one priority!” Let me sum it up this way. If I ever have the opportunity to listen again for the sixth (6th) time, I will be in the front row!!

  • I wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for your Safety Leadership presentation at our annual meeting. Many of the attendees told me that was one of the best safety programs they had attended. I think your message and story are very impactful. Your mantra of Vision-Mindset-Grit resonated with our managers. We have found that when managers show employees that they care about each employee’s personal health and safety, then the entire organization becomes a safer one. Your presentation drove home several of our primary safety tenants, but obviously only someone with your life experiences can achieve such an emotional and uplifting response in doing so. Thanks for sharing your story and message.

  • Scott’s exceptional professionalism resulted in not only a heartfelt standing ovation from all in attendance, but successfully underscored the highly important theme of how individuals can overcome obstacles even in the most extreme or unanticipated circumstances. Moreover, Scott was able to link the role of an individual in helping a forward-thinking team to become more the sum of its parts. We were all very pleased to the extent to which Scott worked in advance, to understand the themes of the event which revolved around workforce safety as well as the nature of the company’s business. His preparation thoroughly integrated our objectives into his core message. We warmly recommend the motivational, dramatic and effective presentation of Scott Burrows.

  • Scott’s message of Vision-Mindset-Grit has literally transformed the way our team looks at challenges, sales goals and life. As a result of Scott’s life-changing message, our team will NEVER STOP BELIEVING that ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. If you want to truly inspire and motivate your sales team or team, Scott Burrows will over-deliver at every level!

  • Scott was the perfect choice and perfect fit to speak to our field sales team. His core message of “Vision, Mindset, Grit” embodied where we are as a company and was extremely motivational.

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