Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock

Renowned Travel Writer and TV Host

Robin Esrock’s success as a global adventurer, travel writer, bestselling author, and international TV personality is no accident — although it did start with one. After a bike accident left him with a modest insurance settlement, Esrock quit his job to set off on a one-year, solo, backpacking adventure to 24 countries. He recorded his year of living dangerously through articles, photographs, videos, and interviews, pioneering a new era of travel journalism. In his multi-media presentations, Esrock shares lessons from the road on breaking boundaries, risk management, the power of good storytelling, and more.

Esrock’s travels have been published in several major publications worldwide, including National Geographic Traveler, The Guardian, Toronto Star, Reader’s Digest, and the South China Morning Post. He is also a featured travel expert for 60 Minutes, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Travel, Huffington Post, CBC, CTV, Global, Breakfast Television, and more, while also a regular columnist for The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, MSN, Outpost Magazine, Matador, and other publications.

Esrock also developed, co-wrote, and co-produced Word Travels, the first TV series to show the truth behind the byline, where he and his co-host travelled to 36 countries on six continents. Nominated for a Best Documentary Series Award, the show aired on National Geographic International and Travel Channel International in more than 100 countries. He also created the award-winning adventure-culinary show Get Stuffed, produced award-winning multimedia projects for Destination Canada, and wrote creative copy for clients including Ford Motors, Intercontinental Holiday Inn, and Bell.

A bestselling author, Esrock’s first book, The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences, quickly became a smash national bestseller, topping Amazon’s travel, history, and guidebook categories. He is also the author of the international bestseller The Great Global Bucket List and The Great Australian Bucket List.

A Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, Esrock has visited more than 110 countries on seven continents and continues to write, blog, share, and film his ongoing adventures.

Breaking Boundaries

With the world as his canvas, Robin Esrock reflects on the unique life experiences that have enabled him to break through the personal, professional, and organizational boundaries that stand in our way.

This entertaining talk helps audiences recognize, respect, and ultimately hurdle over their own limitations. Incorporating themes of transformation, intention, instinct, and curiosity, “Breaking Boundaries” distils hard-won, often hilarious takeaways into inspiring strategies for future success.

The Power of Story

In a competitive industry cluttered with information, how do you get your story through? Using real-world examples, Robin Esrock discusses the impact of storytelling as a means of connecting with both media and consumers, offering advice and suggestions gleamed from working with dozens of major publications and hundreds of tourism organizations.

Refill Your Canadian Bucket List

Across every province and territory, Robin introduces us to Canada’s most unique and fascinating destinations and activities. There’s something here for everyone: nature, food, history, thrills, culture and plenty of ideas to fill up your bucket list. Packed with inspiring insights, engaging storytelling, and stunning visuals, join us for a one-of-a-kind virtual or live adventure.

Refill Your Global Bucket List

It’s time to dream big! From pole to pole and in-between, renowned international travel personality Robin takes us to some of the world’s most stunning destinations and activities. From Antarctica to Zanzibar, there’s something here for everyone: thrills, food, history, nature, beaches, and plenty of ideas to fill up your bucket list.

Refill the Bucket List

Join us for an inspirational journey with renowned travel writer, TV host and bestselling author Robin Esrock. Whisking us around the world to incredible destinations and activities, Robin shares thrilling anecdotes, personal insights, and stunning photography that will inspire active and armchair travellers alike. Along the way, he also teaches us how to successfully manage risk, connect across cultures, and tackle our boldest personal and professional goals.

The World's Spookiest Places with Robin Esrock

Bestselling author, journalist, and travel TV host Robin Esrock explores the world’s creepiest destinations with a unique and unnervingly fun virtual presentation. Having reported from over 110 countries on seven continents, Esrock has visited weird destinations that will pique your curiosity and make your goosebumps crawl. Get ready to explore a bizarre bone church, underground catacombs, a medieval museum of torture, haunted prison hotels, ghostly Civil War mansions, and, of course, Transylvania. Incorporating stunning images and fun storytelling, gather your wits and join us for an engaging and memorable spooky event.