Rasmus Hougaard

Rasmus Hougaard

Leadership & Mindfulness Expert

Rasmus Hougaard is recognized by the Thinkers50 as one of the most important emerging business thinkers in the world. The Founder and Managing Director of Potential Project, a global leadership training, organizational development, and research firm, Hougaard’s work helps leaders and organizations enhance performance, innovation, and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and research.

A lecturer at the world’s leading business and executive education schools like IESE, Rotman, and IMD, Rasmus has also spoken to employees, leaders and executives at Microsoft, McKinsey, American Express, LEGO, Google, World Bank and hundreds of other global organizations. He is also a frequent speaker at the premium business, leadership and HR conferences like WorkHuman, HRD Summit, Mindful Leadership Summit, Wisdom 2.0, and numerous others.

With Jacqueline Carter, Rasmus is the co-author of One Second Ahead: Enhance Your Performance at Work with Mindfulness, and (also with Jacqueline) of The Mind of the Leader: How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Organization for Extraordinary Results. He also writes for The Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Business Insider.

Rasmus has a background in organizational development and research, as well as a leadership career with the Sony Corporation.

The Mind of the Leader – How to Lead Yourself, Your People and Your Organization for Extraordinary Results

Based on the book The Mind of the Leader, this interactive and engaging talk provides leaders with practical take-aways for immediate application. By gaining an understanding of how their own mind works and training it for the most essential qualities, leaders can learn to lead themselves first, in order to better lead their people and tap into their human need for meaning, fulfillment and human connectedness.

Enhance Performance at Work with Mindfulness

As pressure and demands on our time increase, we all need to have calm, clear, creative and effective minds. This engaging and interactive talk will explore ways to enhance performance, resilience and creativity leveraging the tools and techniques of mindfulness. The session will include practical takeaways for immediate application by leaders and/or your workforce.