Randy Taylor

Speaker, L&D

Randy Taylor

Expert In Leadership And Human Potential

Randy Taylor is an inspiration in the world of personal growth and leadership. Having escaped poverty, his parents’ alcoholism, and life on the streets, he was able to reach the very top in Canadian broadcasting in both radio and television. Basing his presentations on his personal experience of overcoming challenges, Randy motivates audiences to push past self-limiting behaviour to discover limitless personal and professional success.

At the youthful age of 28, Randy began a 20-year career that propelled him to the very top in Canadian broadcasting at CFRB 1010, and as the host of Summit of Life on Global Television.

Through his own personal experience and study for over thirty years, Randy speaks to and coaches some of the top corporations in the world about his dynamic leadership philosophy called “The Winner Within.” He has quickly gained a stellar reputation among some of the top corporations and associations in North America, including Manulife, London Life, Investors Group, Motorola, Aim Trimark, McMaster University, Xerox, Empire Life, ReMax Realty, Petro Canada, Kraft Foods, Industrial Alliance, Freedom 55 Financial, The Government of Canada, Brookfield Homes, Toronto Employment Services and many more.

The 867 Factor: Regain Your Edge

The 867 FACTOR represents the culmination of over 35 years of study into the science of human potential. Randy Taylor has discovered and will present a groundbreaking new process of personal growth and development that will dramatically impact all aspects of life in a very profound way.

Randy will reveal and illustrate that due to distracted thought the average adult is ‘here’ focused on this moment in time no more than 10-15% of the day. What that means is that 85-90% of the day we are there. Lost in thought and missing the moment. The 867 FACTOR is in reference to the 867 out of 1070 waking minutes each day the average adult is not here. The time that we are ‘there’ lost in thought, overcome with stress and fear and self-doubt and unable to focus represents an enormous portion of our lives where we are not able to create, produce or experience anything. Tapping into the 867 FACTOR will allow you to achieve things in your life you never thought possible.

Learning how to develop the skill to actually live in the moment and take advantage of our life’s potential is the key that will open doors to so many critical areas of life including:

  • A minimum doubling of productivity
  • Elimination of unnecessary stress
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence
  • Overcoming fear and doubt
  • Create true life balance
  • Eliminate psychological suffering
  • Experience true joy and happiness

Developing the skill and expanding the ability to take control of your mind is a process that requires structure. Taylormadeleadership has become a national leader in results based training and development. THE 867 FACTOR will unveil the process necessary to develop this skill in just minutes a day.

The Winner Within: Tapping into Unlimited Potential

Over the past twenty years, Randy has developed a life changing philosophy and created a dynamic coaching program called “The Winner Within” which identifies the steps to identify limiting behavior and creating winning strategies. One of the greatest challenges facing anyone looking to grow and improve is to overcome the voice of self-limiting behavior. In the seminar The Winner Within, attendees will gain a clear understanding as to the origin of behaviors, how to overcome them and what is the true potential of each individual. In Randy’s lecture audience members will discover.

The impact of negative conditioning on your sub-conscious Defining and creating attainable goals-The Stockdale Paradox The science of human behavior. Learning to control your direction The Perpetual Motion of Success Getting there: The 7 steps to discovering the principle of “Life Before Can’t”

The Self-Directed Success Solution: How to Double Productivity in 10 Minutes a Day

The prospect of self-employment and sales offers a great many benefits as well as a number of inherent pitfalls. It is widely agreed that it is not a lack of knowledge that prevents those who are self-employed from growing their business, but rather a lack of discipline and structure. In this seminar, The Success Model of Sales and Self-Employment, Randy Taylor details a winning formula for anyone who is self-employed with first a clear understanding of the structure that is missing for most who are self-employed as well as practical steps to ingrain the daily structure for a winning model.

Topics include:

  • How to double income and productivity
  • Workplace structure
  • The self-employment challenge
  • The psychology of a leader
  • Amateurs wing it-professionals prepare everyday
  • Where’s the boss?
  • The path to daily growth
  • Best practices business plan

The Science of Sales: Creating the Mindset of a Winner

The greatest challenge in the sales profession is the ability to overcome self-limiting behavior and thought. After 30 years of studying and teaching human behavior and personal growth, Randy Taylor is proud to present the groundbreaking seminar The Science of Sales. This dynamic and highly sought after seminar will detail all the action steps and implementation tools required to take your sales and business to their highest financial level yet.

Topics include:

  • The chemical reaction of emotions on behavior and sales performance
  • How to re-program your sales mind
  • The science of The Law of Attraction
  • The cycle of negative response
  • The process of positive creating – from financial and beyond
  • Implementing The Stockdale Paradox
  • Utilizing The Perpetual Motion of Sales Success

Additional Topics

  • The Power of Why
  • The Science of a Stress-Free Life
  • Career Crossroads
  • Leadership Driven Productivity: The Pathway to Profits
  • Current Moment Consciousness
  • Relationship Building
  • Stop Stopping


This program is in association with Taylormadeleadership.


Elevate is designed to help anyone to become a balanced expert in the field of financial services and insurance. Training in any endeavour is essential to growth and success. Elevate is a comprehensive training and development program that is delivered over a 12 month period by three of the top specialists in the financial services and insurance world. This program will provide optimal performance training in behaviour, productivity, business development, focus, and relationship development along with product, field sales techniques and strategic business development. Our unique proprietary process of delivery, follow up, accountability and implementation is key to the success of this program. Participants can expect to double their current business results.


  • 12-monthly presentations-1 hour in duration
  • A complete set of notes of each session
  • A copy of the Taylormadeleadership Success Journal and course notes binder
  • Full inclusion in the Taylormadeleadership Touchpoint ™System of daily contact, follow up and accountability
  • Telephone and e-mail access to Randy Taylor for one on one assistance
  • An additional 6 months (18 months in total) of contact, follow up and accountability
  • **each program participant will receive a minimum of 12 CE credits



1 The Self-Directed Success Solution

Creating a daily structural process of self-discipline to increase income and productivity by a minimum of 100%.


2 The Power of Why in Business

Set yourself apart from the competition. New business development is the cornerstone to success. This session will provide a completely unique strategy to reach and secure new clients.


3 Developing Positive Behaviors

Positive behaviour development is the key to staying on track with a best practices plan. Through a clear understanding of the science you will be able to create powerful new behaviors that will allow you to reach your full potential.


4 Defining Your Vision

Having the emotional drive to carry out the necessary activities each day is essential. This session will allow you to identify and connect to your own individual emotional triggers that create the fuel for activity and growth.


5 Improving Focus

This is one of the least talked about and most impactful elements of personal and professional development and has the potential to create the greatest impact. The objective is to develop the skill of focus, to overcome distraction and explode productivity and confidence.


6 Growth

The true definition of success is to grow and improve in all areas of life. This session deals with the creation and implementation of a system to do just that. To incrementally grow and improve in all areas of life.


7 Relationship Mastery

The key to success in business and life is directly linked to relationships. This session will allow you to define, understand and implement the psychology and necessary steps to develop long-term sustainable relationships that are built on trust.


8 Declutter

Peak performance is a result of the compound effect of investing in the right activity repeatedly. As the primary person I your business and personal life it is essential to ensure your focus is on the activities that produce optimal results and benefits. This session will re-align a best practices approach to both business and personal pursuits and eliminate or delegate nonproductive activities.


9 Presentation Perfection / Objection Management

You get one change in front of a new client. The absolute in business is that amateurs wing it and professionals are prepared every day. Presentation perfection will empower you to create, perfect and present your presentation as a pro every time leaving nothing to chance. Objection management training is the partner element to this process to ensure a powerful and convincing presentation every time.


10 Client Base Re-Alignment / Team Development

Providing value to the marketplace is absolutely essential, especially now with CRM2. Client base re-alignment will ensure sufficient time to properly service your key clients leading to future growth and development. The team development approach will provide the structure and value proposition to set you far above the competition.


11 A+ Client Service Model

This module will provide a creative, structured and managed approach to super serve all high net worth clients. This is essential in securing and replicating the type of clients you wish to grow your patience with.


12 Platinum Referral Process / Centers of Influence

For senior practice management, referrals from existing clients and centers of influence represent the two core strategies to secure new high net worth clients.