Raine Maida

Speaker, Celebrity

Raine Maida

Acclaimed Musician | Creativity and Technology Expert

Raine Maida is the founding member and lead singer of the multi-platinum rock band, Our Lady Peace, and considered one of the best songwriters in music today. An artist who combines his love of music, creativity, and technology, Maida speaks with passion on how others can access their creative side, and how technology and social media can be redefined by users as a more positive place for interaction.

In addition to his success as a front man, Maida has written and produced songs for some of the biggest names in show business, including collaborating on three songs with American Idol winner David Cook on his self-titled album. Maida also shares songwriting credits with his wife, Juno Award-winning artist Chantal Kreviazuk. The talented duo also contributed to three songs for American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson: Where is Your Heart?, the international hit Walk Away, and One Minute. Most recently, they co-wrote the song Permanent, for Cook. Other artists they have worked with include Martha Wainwright, Carrie Underwood, The Veronicas, Pink, Cheyenne Kimball, Katie Melua, and Ron Sexsmith.

Maida also boasts a solo album, The Hunters Lullaby, and has written with and developed numerous bands, including Men Women and Children, Die Mannequin, Green River Ordinance, Electric Touch, Sleepway, and Billy the Kid.

Maida is also well-known for his work with War Child and his passion for other humanitarian causes. With Kreviazuk, he was the recipient of the Tiffany Mark Award, the Allan Slaight Humanitarian Spirit Award and, in 2016, again with Kreviazuk, he received Canada’s highest honour, the Order Of Canada.

Currently, Maida is also involved with developing a number of digital platforms, including his app “RecMob” which will act as an egalitarian online community for counter culture creators and storytellers.

Creativity: The Full Human Experience

Raine Maida grew up in a non-creative environment. It wasn’t until he was 16 years old that he discovered his creative side. In this engaging talk, Raine takes audiences through his personal journey to creative confidence, and shares the tips and strategies that not only work for him, but that can work for everyone.

Raine believes that we are all born innately creative, but that it needs to be nurtured along the way. He explains why accepting failure as part of the creative process is key, and provides insights on how to “unlock” the right side (creative side) of our minds.

Raine also performs his music in this talk, using it to demonstrate the creative process and to help stimulate the creative process of others.

Social Media and the Crisis of Mistrust

Raine Maida believes we are facing a crisis of mistrust when it comes to social media. From “fake news” to “fake lives”, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat have become, in part, a place for inauthenticity to take root, leading users to distrust what they see when it comes to our digital landscape.

While technology can no doubt be a positive tool, it can also lead us to present “idealized versions” of ourselves, or bring out our darker sides when it comes to online harassment and cyberbullying. In fact, 50% of today’s teens have experienced negative online interaction and cyberbullying.

Today, parents and youth have the power to take back the social space – they can influence and dictate what changes need to take place on the web, and lobby current platforms to take a stand on poor behaviours.

Raine Maida takes audiences through the challenges of social media and explains how emerging technologies, such as his project “RecMob” are helping to diversify the digital landscape and create safer, more positive online interaction.