Porter Gale

Porter Gale

Former VP of Marketing at Virgin America | Marketing and Networking Expert | Award-Winning Author

Porter Gale has more than 25 years of experience in marketing, business, and tech. She was awarded the Changing The Game Award, by The Advertising Women of New York (AWNY), was on AdAge’s Digital Hotlist, iMedia’s Top 25-Digital Marketers list, and named a Digital Passionista by The Huffington Post. In her popular talks, she uncovers everything from the newest trends and innovations in marketing and technology, to why strategically building a network improves happiness, productivity, and return.

From 2007 to 2011, Porter led Virgin America’s marketing and advertising efforts as Vice President of Marketing with a focus on digital media opportunities. She was a key player in the team that built the airline into an award-winning, category-changing brand. Currently, Porter works with CEOs of tech-driven companies, to provide mentoring, marketing, fundraising, and recruiting support. Clients include AdTech, FinTech, Gaming, CPG, E-commerce, Healthcare and SaaS companies. Most recently, she helped to build an AI-driven SaaS platform and marketplace called Globality, helping the co-founders define and scale the company which now operates in 80 countries.

Porter has spoken at a number of high-profile events, including at The Economist Forum, the Ad Age Digital Forum, The IBM THINK Conference, TEDx La Jolla, the American Express Luxury Summit, and more. In the media, Porter has been quoted or interviewed in over one hundred online, print, and broadcast outlets including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Adweek, AdAge, CNN, The Huffington Post, the San Francisco Business Journal, Forbes.com, Mashable, TechCrunch, PRWeek and more.

A Stanford University graduate, Porter is also the author of Your Network Is Your Net Worth.

Insider Insights & The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Bitcoins, Blockchains, Internet of Things, super-computing self-driving cars and beyond, what does Fourth Industrial Revolution mean for you and your company? In this future-looking talk, Gale gives on insights and information gathered from industry experts and tech-insiders about the ever-evolving and connected world we live in and how we can prepare, prioritize and shape the future for success.

The Future of Marketing

Is your company adapting to the changing marketing landscape? Are you using technology to drive sales and results? In this talk, Porter Gale uncovers some of the newest trends and latest innovations that marketing-driving organizations are using to build—and more important, sustain—their businesses in an seemingly endless sea of “the next big thing.”

The Power of Social Capital and the Four Degree Advantage

With a bit of “how to” and a dose of storytelling, citing years of market experience, Gale conveys both how and why strategically building a network improves happiness, productivity and return—whether on a business or personal level. Gale details the value of authenticity and passion as the core groundwork for networking efforts, sharing stories that demonstrate how collaboration, co-creation and innovation are the keys to success along the way.

Social Media at 35,000 Feet

An insider look at how Virgin America used Social Media to increase its guest base, drive engagement and increase sales—from the person who spearheaded the effort. Gale, the former VP of Marketing, at the cutting-edge airline shares why the company started using social media in the first place, and how this lead to becoming an innovator in the space.

Product is Marketing

In this presentation, Gale demonstrates and shows why companies must remove the silos that exist between product and marketing. Ms. Gale highlights fascinating case histories and examples of how and why the social media revolution and the proliferation of Smartphones has changed the way consumers interact with brands. Case histories about successes and failures—and what companies can now do to not only succeed, but make themselves great–along with a few “insider” stories, some of which are always certain to raise a few eyebrows, are key focal points in this compelling talk.