Nick Morgan


Nick Morgan

Communications Expert

Great speeches can change the world. Perhaps no one understands this better than Nick Morgan, one of North America’s top communication coaches. Regularly commissioned by leaders at the top of their fields―from political giants to CEO’s of Fortune 50 companies―to help them deliver their messages in the most compelling manner possible, Nick helps audiences understand the impact their words, delivery, and body language can have when presenting to an audience, whether in a boardroom capacity or in front of a crowd.

Morgan has coached people to give Congressional testimony, to appear on the Today Show, and to take on the investment community.  His methods for achieving greatness in communication are detailed in his newest book, Power Cues: The Subtle Science of Leading Groups, Persuading Others, and Maximizing Your Personal Impact, along with in his other books, Working the Room:  How to Move People to Action Through Audience-Centered Speaking; Give Your Speech, Change the World:  How to Move Your Audience to Action; and Trust Me, a book about authentic communication.

Nick served as editor of the Harvard Management Communication Letter, and has written hundreds of articles for local and national publications.  He is also a former Fellow at the Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.

Communication for Effective Leaders

Are you a charismatic leader? Without strong communication ability, leaders cannot succeed for long. Customers, employees, shareholders – all take their measure of the leaders of an organization by how well they communicate.


Nick reveals the power of combining non-verbal communication with content to build trust and credibility. He de-mystifies this essential quality for leadership with humor and clarity.


The essence of effective leadership lies in getting people to act on your vision. And people won’t act on your words unless they find your communications compelling. But there are many kinds of compelling communications, and Nick works with the audience to find and develop that uniquely personal style that ensures that when you’re communicating, you’re doing it with integrity and purpose.

Communications for Managers

Managers and their direct reports today live in a world of information overload and constant change. And yet it is more important than ever that managers communicate clearly and effectively in real time the changing goals and needs of their companies. Flabby, ineffective communications are more than a time-waster – they can mean lost sales, confused employees, and reduced profits.


Whether you’re speaking with an external audience, or briefing one of your direct reports in the hallway on the way to an important meeting, getting the message right and clear is essential to the survival of your company.


Nick works with managers to analyze the essence of management communication – how it works, how to ensure that leadership and teams are aligned, and how to see that good communications spread throughout a company. Using humour, video illustrations, and audience interaction, Nick makes the mysteries of clear communications simple and fun.

Story Telling and Authenticity

How do you craft your message for maximum persuasive power? Audiences today must sift through thousands of demands upon their attention to decide what grabs them. How can you be amongst the chosen few?


Consumers have an extraordinary ability to separate the hyped from the authentic. How can you stand out, be persuasive, and tell a story that’s fundamentally true? The demands upon individuals and organizations for sophisticated, compelling, and authentic public communications are unrelenting.


Nick draws upon ancient secrets of story telling and modern communications research to reveal how to change the world with your public words.

The Two Conversations

Do you want to be a powerful communicator, someone whose words make people pay attention every time? Every communication is two conversations, the one you’re having on the surface – the content – and the non-verbal one you’re having whether you are aware of it or not. If those two conversations are aligned, and your message is strong, you can be a powerful communicator. But most people betray themselves with their second conversations – their ‘body language.’


How do you master that second conversation? Most studies of ‘body language’ have focused on particular gestures and their meanings. But in fact gestures can have many meanings, and memorizing lists of gestures is a poor way to learn to communicate.


The Two Conversations demonstrates how to analyze every important communication to decide upon its key meaning, how to ‘read’ the second, or non-verbal messages coming from the people you’re trying to reach, and how to ensure that your non-verbal signals are reinforcing your own content and the desired outcome.


Nick has studied and coached people in non-verbal communications for 19 years and draws upon his experience to describe 5 polarities by which to understand the non-verbal conversation and how to turn it to your advantage whether in one-on-one chats, important meetings and negotiations, or public speeches.

Communications Workshop Agenda

Duration: Two Days
Target Audiences: Business Professionals


The only reason to give a speech is to change the world. Yet most people squander that opportunity, through nervousness, endless slide decks, or simply failing to realize what a precious commodity an audience is. Our virtual world offers us endlessly streaming information, 24 hour new cycles and relationships with people around the globe, yet what we crave are real connections with people who are trustworthy and authentic. Whether one-on-one or in front of a full auditorium, we can learn how to be open to audiences, connect with people around us, share our passions and listen and respond appropriately.
We’re constantly making unconscious assessments about whom we should hire, whom we should buy from, who should lead us and whom we can trust. We’re hard-wired to make those assessments quickly and with devastating accuracy. Most of the time. How we are perceived by others is fundamental to our survival, not just in times of crisis, but how we show up every day as a leaders, experts and influencers.


How can we put together the craving for authenticity with our need to take constant readings on the people around us – and with our need to show up as effective communicators? The ancient Greeks taught us how to craft a persuasive speech that respects the needs of our audience. This time-tested wisdom, combined with modern brain research, now gives us a powerful understanding of how people communicate, interact and make decisions.


This presentation consists of:

· Three-minute Taped Presentations
· Content Theory
· Crafting the Elevator Speech
· Re-working Presentation Content
· Presentation Peer Review
· Non-verbal Theory
· Non-verbal Exercises


Each participant will receive a DVD of his/her performance for further review, a confidential assessment of his/her communication strengths and weaknesses, and an individual plan for continuing communications skills development.


This research gives us a revolutionary new insight into how to become more conscious of our non-verbal communications. And it enables us to take control of how we are perceived by those around us. Whether one-on-one or in front of a full auditorium, we can learn how to be open to audiences, connect with people around us, share our passions and listen and respond appropriately. Only then can we be powerful, authentic leaders and truly move people to action – to change the world.