Mark Jeffries

Mark Jeffries

Strategic Communications | Soft Skills Expert

In highly competitive situations, you need to stand out, get noticed, and be remembered. Strategic communications and “soft skills” expert Mark Jeffries teaches audiences how to make smart moves that bring success. A trusted advisor to global blue chip corporations and non-profit organizations alike, Mark shares his insight into how verbal communications and body language can make or break you in business.

A former Merrill Lynch stockbroker Mark is the bestselling author of What’s Up with Your Handshake? and The Art of Business Seduction, and regularly appears as an image and communications expert on network television news and lifestyle programs such as NBC’s The Today Show, BBC News, Fox Business and Sky News. He was also the featured expert on “Secrets of Body Language” a two-hour special that aired on the History Channel.

Some of Mark’s notable clients include Ernst & Young, Microsoft, IBM, Zurich Insurance, HP, Merrill Lynch, Cognos, Boeing, Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, GSK & Roche.

Using Soft Skills and Strategic Communication to Win

Former Stockbroker turned Communications Consultant and Author, Mark Jeffries, presents an hour-long keynote filled with effective ideas, useable tips and smart common sense for your audience. Here is a keynote speech, delivered in a credible and entertaining style, which delivers an instantly useable set of strategic communication ideas helping your people grow sales, network effectively, build great connections, pitch for success and influence perception and opinion.


Subjects covered in this practical, invaluable and entertaining presentation include:

  • Soft Skills – How to influence others
  • The golden rules of networking
  • Boardroom etiquette
  • Making more powerful and effective presentations and pitches
  • How to plant the seed of an idea
  • Reading other people
  • Techniquette—the etiquette of technology
  • Language – the power of words
  • How to alter the way others perceive you
  • Understanding your image

The secret messages you really convey Mark presents the keynote in a style that is humorous and inspiring together with a message that is appreciated and remembered. In challenging times, we all need to display an additional edge putting us ahead of the competition and Mark Jeffries has the content, style and experience to get it across. Here is a speech filled with concepts and tips that can be used straight away taking advantage of any communication opportunity – a toolbox of ideas giving your people insight, confidence and motivation and a head-start over the competition.

Using Strategic Communication to Retain Your Clients, Motivate Your People and Grow Your Profits

Relationships are based mostly on the communication between two or more people. In a time where corporations outdo each other in an attempt to attract and take your key people, the way you communicate with your top stars will make all the difference. It is well known that people don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses, so before you attempt to re-write your entire five-year business plan and before you increase pay levels across the board, simply re-visit the way you interact with your people. The good news is that you can use strategic communication and ‘soft skills’ to:

  • Create a sense of belonging and commitment
  • Deliver crucial clarity and ‘real’ language to instill confidence
  • Positively convey recognition to motivate individuals and drive teams
  • Inspire loyalty in all of your people at every level.

Smart Communication in Tough Times

In these challenging conditions, you need to re-motivate and retool your people for success. You need a speaker who can inspire, challenge, entertain and, most importantly, help to grow your bottom line. Mark’s keynote is a hugely successful, instantly useable, entertaining and relevant event. He offers a valuable toolbox of innovative communication ideas designed to give your people many new approaches to growing clients and handling colleagues at this challenging time. From building and maintaining relationships through to the subtleties of word-power, onto the secrets of ‘planting ideas’ and Meeting etiquette, Mark’s speech brings an innovative array of useable ideas to your people – matching today’s opportunities.

Host & Interviewer

Combining an incisive knowledge of economics and finance with the rare ability to inform and entertain live audiences, Mark is very active in the world of big business. In recognition of his corporate background, network TV presence and business acumen, he is regularly booked to host national and international conferences for a variety of clients such as Microsoft, Motorola, Cognos, GSK, Bunzl, WebMethods, Roche, British Airways and PwC. In addition to his winning style of facilitation, conference organizers normally like Mark to conduct live interviews with their corporate chiefs and host Q&A sessions between delegates and senior management.

Using Strategic Communication and Soft Skills to Win

Duration: Half Day
Target Audiences: Team Members, Customer Service Professionals, Marketing Professionals


This highly interactive workshop not only allows your people to see a keynote packed with many networking, communication, soft skills and story telling tips, but it also allows them to try some of them out – on camera. Teams work together to pitch a new business idea and compete against one another for investment money. The program encourages participants to consider how they impact others and how to effectively communicate ideas, listen for opportunities, and connect with people both inside and outside of the organization.
Using many of the networking, communication, and soft skills delivered within Mark Jeffries’ opening keynote, teams work to develop innovative ideas and to devise methods to communicate these ideas in order to win over “business angels” or investors. Their competitive pitches are captured on camera and reviewed. The competitive element encourages all people to consider how they impact others and how to effectively communicate ideas, listen for opportunities and connect with people both inside and outside of the organization.


The review of the video playback is highly effective and although the ideas and pitches may not be connected with your core business, the methods used to deliver ideas and win others over are highly relevant.



  • Opening Keynote – Using Strategic Communication to Win
  • 90 Minutes, plus Question and Answer Period
  • Topics covered include Story Telling, the Art of Influence, Secret Signals, Great Questions, Anecdotes and Analogies, Power of Networking, Listening and Language
  • Preparation for Interactive On-Camera Competitive Session -10 Minutes
  • Mark Jeffries reveals to the audience, ideally between 8 and 24 participants, that they will be split into 4 groups of 4-6 people. During an extended coffee break, these teams must work together to create a pitch for a new business idea.
  • Suggested examples: Innovative new airline, fresh take on the coffee shop format, or something directly linked with your business.
  • Break and Team Preparation -40 Minutes
  • The Pitch Sessions -60 Minutes

Three volunteers from each team pitches their creative ideas for 5 minutes to 3 people from an opposing team. The opposing team will ask probing questions and challenge all the concepts put forward. All sessions are filmed for review.


Note: the format is as follows – Team A pitches to Team B for 5 minutes. Team B then pitches to Team A. All team members return to seats and then playback on the big screen begins. As an entire group we review what we have seen, make observations about what works and what doesn’t and then, using an innovative audience voting approach, we award a score out of 20 for each team. We repeat to cover all 4 teams.