Mark Thompson


Mark C. Thompson

CEO and Co-Founder of the Business Entrepreneurship Hub for Virgin Unite | Author of Success Built To Last

How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation? One of the most successful senior business communication executives of our time, Mark C. Thompson shares his insights from studying the success of world-class companies that have confronted change. He shows audiences the factors that galvanize people to adapt to and lead change, and to generate teams that lead to unstoppable growth.

Thompson has been a board member and advisor to Global 1000 companies, as well as Charles Schwab’s chief customer experience officer, chief communications officer, and chief of staff. During his tenure at Charles Schwab, the company’s customer assets grew ten-fold to more than $800 billion dollars in over five million client accounts.

In 2011, Thompson became the CEO and co-founder of the business entrepreneurship hub for Virgin Unite, Richard Branson’s academy for innovation and leadership. Thompson is also the co-author of the bestsellers Success Built to Last; Admired: 21 Ways to Double Your Value; and Now, Build a Great Business.


Business Transformation: Drive Change and Create a Culture of Innovation

Disruptive innovation is happening all around us in almost every industry. “Disruptive Innovation” can mean: disrupting your competitors, customer relationships, internal processes, reward systems, management strategy, the status quo and “last century thinking”. But how do you create a culture of innovation that enables a big company to think and act like a small one?

Mark shares insights on world-class companies that struggled with change – some that failed to adjust to meet changing markets and others that reinvented their business models and transformed entire industries with disruptive innovations. Mark answers several questions that will help you understand how to:

  • Enable your teams to not only embrace change, but lead business transformation
  • Operationalize innovation while still meeting the demands of Wall Street
  • Remove the fear of failure for disruptive ideas
  • Create incentive systems that reward those that challenge “business as usual”
  • Empower employees at every level to make change happen

Doing it All: Getting Done What Matters Most--Six Steps to Passionate Engagement

Being a leader in the “new normal” means that you’re multitasking 24/7 and you’re expected to produce great results with fewer resources. It’s no surprise that maintaining focus on the highest priorities can be a major hurdle. With so many simultaneous demands on your time, passionate engagement is a “must have” skill.
NYTimes bestselling author Mark C. Thompson will give your team the Productive Passion Test: Six steps that ignite passionate engagement and how to get back on track when you are thrown off course. Learn how the most productive, high achievers get it all done!

• How to get into Productive Flow
• Build a Resilient Edge to bounce back from challenges
• Tap the passions that inspire Engaged Accountability
• Find innovative ways to manage Overcommitment
• Balance Humility with Political Incorrectness
• Ignite Collaborative Leadership – Get the Right People in the Right Seats to Embrace Change

Thompson’s keynote is based on his long-time research partnership with Stanford University Professor Clifford Nass – who pioneered studies at the Stanford MediaLab on relationships and multitasking – as well as Mark’s experience as a founding advisor with the Virgin Unite Richard Branson Entrepreneurship Innovation Centres.

Most Admired Company - Boost Employee Engagement

How can your team become the ‘Most Admired’ in your industry? Mark shares his new study (with Stanford and Northwestern researchers) revealing what Highly Engaged Employees admire and value in companies, teams and leaders.

• What 8 Leadership Traits engage top performers most?
• What 21 tools will double the value you provide customers?
• How can you become the MVP of your team?

Make Change Happen - Success Built to Last

How do you convince your team not only to embrace change, but actually lead the transformation now – with urgency? In this exciting keynote and seminar, Mark shares insights and video from world-class companies that at first struggled with change and then reinvented their business.

• What 3 factors galvanize change in every person?
• How do world-class teams generate unstoppable growth?
• What 5 Customer Service strategies are Built to Last?
• How do you grow leaders from Good to Great – Level 1 to 5 – what are the steps necessary for developing teams?

Build a Great Business - Boost Sales & Profit Growth

In this high-impact keynote, Mark reveals the 3 critical drivers of influence for every great business and high performance leaders.

• 5 Mistakes That Cut Sales in Half.
• Helping clients understand the cost of ignoring your offer.
• What Does Your Market Crave? Five Tools To Double Sales: Positioning, Pain, Promise, Proof, Planning.