Lorraine Behnan

Speaker, L&D

Lorraine Behnan

Change Management and Communications Expert

Lorraine Behnan believes that times of change should be looked at as an opportunity to excel. An expert in career evolution, Behnan gives leaders and employees the confidence and communication strategies to achieve their workplace and professional goals. She is known for her entertaining and energetic programs, which combine her skills as a long-time presentation coach for corporate executives and as a former actor with the famed Second City Comedy Revue.

Behnan’s workbook, Spotlight on Presentations, and instructional audio CD, How to Communicate to Any Audience, have helped hundreds of professionals become more effective presenters and communicators. As a presentation coach, she has worked with top CEOs, presidents, and senior executives.

Behnan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting from the University of Alberta, was a former member of the faculty of drama at the University of Guelph, and is a member of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association and Alliance of Canadian Radio and Television Artists. She has performed leading roles in theatre, film, television, and radio, and she was the recipient of the “Award of Excellence” for outstanding performance at the renowned Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.

Ignite Your Evolution (Excelling Through Change)

It is no longer enough to merely survive change; it is necessary to grow and evolve. Despite the rapidity and discontinuity of rapid transitions you can take control of achieving professional excellence by practicing personal mastery: adjust attitudes and behaviors, exceed limits, choose wisely, act on opportunities, keep current on business practices and knowledge.

You will learn how to:

  • Transform old patterns to create best practices
  • View challenges as opportunities
  • Merge personal strengths with your professional goals
  • Align yourself with solution seekers
  • Seek mentors and high achievers
  • Communicate your wisdom and best practices to others
  • Cultivate creativity and resourcefulness
  • Support to your team
  • Nurture physical and mental wellness
  • Infuse healthy doses of humour into your life
  • Demonstrate effective leadership

Communicating in Our Fast-Forward World

Technology has affected the way we communicate in the workplace. Although this is an asset in our increasingly fast-paced world, it often replaces the personal contact we once relied upon – and still require. This interactive workshop demonstrates how to combine technology and interpersonal connections effectively, to build client relationships internally and externally, and to avoid miscommunication.

You will learn how to:

  • Retain a personable and professional style while using technology
  • Choose the appropriate mode of communication for your message
  • Avoid technology traps that create communication barriers
  • Apply the guidelines for techno-etiquette
  • Manage techno-stress
  • Organize email and voicemail messages for maximum efficiency
  • Use the various tools available on voice and e-mail programs

Communication: The Art of Give and Take

Communication is a two-way process. It’s about making a mutual connection through balance and openness. You can be a strong communicator by effectively organizing and expressing your ideas and feelings and by learning how to process and respond to the information you receive.

You will learn how to:

  •  Strategically organize content in print and in conversation
  • Organize your thoughts to get the response you want
  • Identify and interpret audience reactions
  • Deal with challenging personality types
  • Be assertive without being aggressive
  • Avoid sending mixed messages
  • Enhance listening and delivery skills
  • Motivate discussion through constructive comments
  • Choose the appropriate questions to seek relevant information
  • Communicate effectively through technology

Humour: The Barrier Buster

Humour is a wonderful and valuable survival tool – it opens doors of communication and enhances personal and professional relationships. Discover the multiple benefits of laughter, and learn how to cultivate a healthy sense of humour. Learn how to use humour strategically as part of your management style.

You will learn how to:

  • Appreciate powerful benefits of humour
  • Develop techniques to enhance your sense of humour
  • Encourage others to embrace a sense of humour
  • Increase you kaleidoscopic vision to increase humour possibilities
  • Celebrate your personal uniqueness
  • Expand your comfort zone
  • Maintain mental and physical wellness
  • Practice the ABC’s to a Lighter Life*

Spotlight on Presentations

This practical, participatory workshop is designed to develop an effective and dynamic presentation style. You make an immediate impression on people the moment you connect. Ensure your success by knowing how to establish a positive rapport and punctuate your meeting with a dynamic presentation.

You will learn how to:

  • Organize material quickly and effectively
  • Strategically structure content for maximum impact
  • Improve speech dynamics to fully engage the audience
  • Energize presentations through gesture and body language
  • Manage nervousness and surprises
  • Apply memory recall strategies to help retain information
  • Effective use of anecdotes and story-telling to communicate your message
  • Use audio and visual aids proficiently
  • Prepare for question and answer sessions with the audience






Teamwork: An Ensemble Performance

Winning projects are rarely the result of only one person. The star performer may attract an audience and inspire colleagues, but it’s the team effort that brings success. During these rapidly evolving times, we need ensemble efforts to meet challenges. Understand the benefits of team performance, learn how to become a team player, and identify your strengths within the team. A lively and interactive presentation.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the benefits of team performance for building your business
  • Avoid ‘silo’ mentality
  • Overcome the blocks that impair your performance as a team player
  • Identify your strengths within the team
  • Explore the benefits of collaborative brainstorming
  • Enhance flow of communication for better understanding and to build relationships
  • Encourage a sense of humour to create a stimulating and productive environment






Communicate to Captivate (Presentation Excellence)

The Program Approach: This interactive program is a combination of prepared remarks, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Each participant will be provided with the necessary materials and tools to prepare and deliver their own engaging and effective presentations.

Materials: Each participant will receive: An Audio CD of “How to Communicate to Any Audience” and “Spotlight on Presentations Handbook” by Lorraine Behnan; and handout of the program.


Summary of Workshop Topics

  • The components of a well-balanced dynamic presentation
  • Knowing your Audience
  • Engaging your Audience
  • Organizing your Content
  • Incorporating Anecdotes
  • Conducting Questions and Answers
  • Mental Preparation
  • Vocal dynamics
  • Physical Expression
  • Effective and strategic use of PowerPoint
  • How to be your own Stage Manager
  • The Rehearsal Process

Communicate to Captivate - Presentation Excellence

Duration: Half Day, One Day
Target Audiences: CEO’s, Presidents, Senior Executives, Sales and Marketing Professionals

When Fast Company Magazine wanted to enhance the speaking skills of their senior writers and editors for their conference presentation and guest appearances, they had a roster of experts from which to select their trainer. They chose Lorraine Behnan. When AIM Trimark planned a national educational tour with their top executives and advisors, they needed someone to provide personal coaching to these individuals, some of whom had never spoken in public. Lorraine was their choice. The speakers she coached received audience evaluations scores in the 80s and 90s for delivery in their presentations.


The program is offered in a half-day format for larger groups, and a more intimate full day program for a maximum of 12 participants. The longer session includes additional elements like effective storytelling and vocal dynamic, plus individual presentation opportunities.

The Process:
Lorraine excels in building trusting and engaging relationships. Lorraine works with you to fully understand your needs and then customizes the coaching and programs accordingly. Lorraine believes follow up is equally as important as preparation and delivery so she continues to work with you to keep the ‘ball in the air’.

The Program Approach:
This interactive program is a combination of prepared remarks, demonstrations, and practical exercises. Each participant will be provided with the necessary materials and tools to prepare and deliver their own engaging and effective presentations.

Each participant will receive these products by Lorraine Behnan:

  • An Audio CD of “How to Communicate to Any Audience”
  • “Spotlight on Presentations Handbook”
  • A customized manual of the training program.


Program Content:

  • Understand the essential elements of a dynamic presentation
  • Establish credibility and trust
  • Develop your own brand and style
  • Deliver messages with authenticity
  • Know your audience and their behaviours
  • Organize your content for maximum engagement and retention
  • Incorporate anecdotes and stories to support ideas
  • Mental preparation to manage anxiety and sharpen performance
  • Improve vocal dynamics and physical expression
  • Effective and strategic use of audio/visual support
  • Conduct an engaging ‘Questions and Answers’ session
  • Learn to be your own Stage Manager
  • Implement proper practice habits to ensure a successful performance


What differentiates Lorraine Behnan from other trainers and coaches?

  1. As a professional public speaker Lorraine walks the talk. She has the inside experience of presenter challenges, triumphs, and audience expectations.
  2. Lorraine takes you beyond delivery dynamics and to the realm of Corporate Storytelling to make your ideas stick. Lorraine is acutely aware of the urgency to engage your clients and employees through effective communication.
  3. Proficient in creating compelling slide support, Lorraine has researched and successfully applied the captivating new shifts in the design and function of presentations. Slideware has evolved significantly to ensure audience engagement.