Larry Hochman

European Business Speaker of the Year

Larry Hochman spent ten years as a director of British Airways and Air Miles, and is now one of the most popular speakers in the world. Hochman uses his vast experience to help companies develop a competitive advantage by focusing attention on the needs of their customers and their people. His ability to spot future trends has turned his theories into tangible business successes around the globe.

Hochman pioneered corporate mentoring in the UK at Air Miles and has been the personal mentor to several chief executives in both the UK and across Europe. As a speaker, he has delivered nearly 500 speeches in 60 countries and has spoken on every continent. His clients include American Express, Coca-Cola, IBM, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia and Toyota, among many others.

A bestselling author, his book The Relationship Revolution presents his belief that businesses that will prevail in our unsteady economic times are those who understand that customer relationships are the dominant factor in determining success.

The Customer Experience - Your Only Priority

In a world where ‘smart machines’ are playing a larger role in everyone’s life, and customers are having fewer and fewer personal interactions with people representing your brand, they are valuing each and every one of those interactions more than ever before.

Every touch-point with a customer matters, but human touch-points are suddenly more significant and more telling. If unique value is derived from the relationships you have with your very best customers, remember those relationships are a human thing. They are about people: you, your colleagues, your expertise, your enterprise, your care, your kindness, your empathy.

The customer experience matters more than ever before.  In the not-so-new Social World customers increasingly do your marketing for you, and their power to either reward or punish you could determine the success or failure of your enterprise in ways you have not yet imagined.

The customer experience is today therefore not only a top priority it may be your only priority.

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