Kimberley Seldon

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Kimberley Seldon

Interior Designer | Television and Media Personality

Surely you know Kimberley Seldon? She’s an interior design superstar who has hosted three of her own TV series including HGTV’s Design for Living with Kimberley Seldon. She’s also a regular on City TV’s Cityline, design editor of Canada’s number one magazine, Chatelaine; and editor in chief of Dabble Magazine. Available for home shows, corporate and fundraising events, keynotes and more, Kimberley’s appearances are always informative and entertaining.

Kimberley also appears regularly on the Home Shopping Network in the United States and on The Shopping Channel in Canada. She is the author of three books, Business of Design Part 1 and 2 and 500 Ideas for Small Spaces. She also runs the online learning platform Business of Design, where she teaches professional development to designers, decorators, stagers and stylists.

Dirty Sexy Money

It’s a quandary faced by nearly every business professional: you want to increase profits, yet you’re leaving money on the table with suppliers, clients, trades and retailers. In Dirty Sexy Money, Kimberley Seldon reveals Top Ten Strategies for increasing your profile, client base and most importantly, your profitability.

On Time, On Budget

Learn tactics that professional architects and interior designers can use to guarantee the cost and timing of a project to their clients. These skills will help you stand out from the crowd, demand higher fees and choose clients that are right for you.

Shrink Your Business to Grow Your Business

Conventional wisdom says you must act big to be big.  But bigger is not always better when it comes to expenses eating up profits.  Growing profit is easier than you think.  Start your transformation today as Kimberley shares her Top Ten Tips to shrink business expenses, expand profit margin and grow your success.

The Business of Design

It took five years with a seasoned business coach for Kimberley to transform her practice and put her company on track for advancement.  She doubled her income three years in a row, using proven techniques which she shares in detail with eager business owners. This is not theory.  Isn’t it time your business worked for you?

The Well-Designed Life

Let Kimberley show you how to create balance in your life as a mother, wife, businesswoman, and friend.  With humor and inspiration, Kimberley shares the joys and challenges of being the mother of two kids while also working as a full-time interior designer and producing a television series.  She talks about recent years with two ailing parents, the aging process, and sadly, on her experiences with family members’ bouts with cancer, osteoporosis and the medical system in the US.

Additional Topics

How to Really Decorate – There is a proper work order, despite what you see on TV. Following a step-by-step plan gets you the results you crave.  Let Kimberley tell you how it’s really done. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, realtors, builders.

Love It or Hate It – Don’t let an “expert” tell you what to like or how to feel about  a particular style. You have all the knowledge you need right now to make smart decorating choices. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, realtors, builders.

Defining Your Design Style – Decide how you want a room to feel or you will never be satisfied with how it looks. Kimberley unlocks the key to identifying your instinctive style and offers the D-I-Y’er courage to stick to the plan once its formed. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, realtors, builders.

Design Intervention – Kimberley teaches the DIY decorator or home enthusiast how to avoid common decorating pitfalls.   Plus – finding and hiring an interior design professional – when is it time to ask for help? Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, realtors, builders.

On Time, On Budget – You’re ready to tackle your dream project. Who do you need to hire? What can you expect from a design professional? Can your team deliver the project on time and on budget? Here’s what you need to know before you embark on your design project. Ideal for: home owners who are looking to build or renovate.

A Second Home – You’ve finally found the cottage/chalet/farmhouse of your dreams. Designing and/or decorating this “little piece of heaven” is a unique process. Kimberley reviews easy maintenance, casual and relaxed interiors. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, realtors, builders.

Small Spaces – Make your small space a triumph of style over size. Learn proven techniques for increasing visual space and maximizing available square footage from the authority that literally wrote the book on it, Kimberley Seldon’s 500 Ideas for Small Spaces. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, realtors, builders.

Renovate with Confidence – There are 4 categories of home improvement – do you need to refresh a room, to borrow space from somewhere else, or to mount a full renovation?  Kimberley unveils some of her own design projects; offering insight into the decision making process. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, realtors, builders.

Kitchen and Bath Trends 2014 – Create kitchens and bathrooms with real impact.  Essential rooms have evolved into dual purpose or even collaborative spaces in our homes and offices.  Kimberley outlines lifestyle trends and reviews what’s hot in kitchens and baths.  Learn how to save and when to splurge. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, designers, decorators, realtors, builders.

Dabble – Design and Travel are the focus of Kimberley’s well-loved online magazine.  Learn about some of the world’s best design and architecture and see how it translates into successful decorating back home. If you’ve ever gone on vacation and thought, “I’d love my home to look like that”, this seminar is for you. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, travel enthusiasts, media.

What’s Hot & What’s Not – Kimberley illuminates fabulous furniture, fabric and interior design trends for 2011 and beyond. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, media.

Holiday Decorating – Indoors and Out, how to create a festive décor. Ideal for: home enthusiasts.

The New Normal – What clients are spending money on has changed dramatically.  No longer, are the majority of clients decorating their homes from top to bottom.  Most are approaching the decorating process in a series of phases, often starting with kitchens and baths.  Here’s how consumers are approaching design today. Ideal for: home enthusiasts, interior designers, decorators, stagers, stylists, organizers, landscapers.  Other businesses have hired Kimberley to speak to their trades – realtors, lawyers and restaurant owners.


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