Justin Kingsley

Justin Kingsley

Award-winning Storyteller and Creative Strategist | Bestselling Author

What does Justin Kingsley do? A better question: What doesn’t he do? A New York Times bestselling author, Justin is a storyteller, strategist, creative director, photographer, and a former press secretary under Prime Minister Paul Martin. Named one of Canada’s most creative people by Marketing Magazine, Justin has turned the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises into global museum exhibitions, put a McDonald’s into the side of a mountain at a snowboarding competition, and developed award-winning communications strategies for UFC champ Georges St-Pierre and slogans for Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup.

Justin began his career in communications and crisis management, working as chief media relations and spokesman at Communication Canada before joining the Prime Minister’s Office in 2003 as the Press Secretary for Right Honourable Paul Martin.

Since then, Justin has thrown himself into the world of marketing and advertising, most recently as partner and chief socialist at Sid Lee, one of the world’s five best creative agencies. He developed the strategy and campaign idea for Adidas at the 2012 London Olympics, titled Take the Stage, which was named best global campaign of the Games.

Justin also developed the brand identity and vision for the North American group (Canada, Mexico, and USA) bidding to host FIFA 2026 World Cup; created the vision and slogan for the 2015 Women’s World Cup of Soccer: To a Greater Goal/Vers le grand but; and branded the 2010 Vancouver Olympics with the very first bilingual Games slogan: With Glowing Hearts/Des plus brillants exploits. He also wrote and co-produced four seasons of the nationally-televised 24CH (CTV, TSN, RDS), a weekly documentary about the Montreal Canadiens.

Justin is the author of two number one national bestselling books: The Way of the Fight, which looks at Georges St-Pierre’s life philosophy, and Weology: How Everybody Wins When We Comes Before Me, a book of ideas on leadership. He also joined an exclusive group of authors to publish original works in multiple languages in Le livre du don. Justin is also currently co-directing the feature documentary Where Sea and Land Meet: A Montreal Symphony Orchestra Story in partnership with Roger Frappier, a voting member of the Academy Awards.

Fully bilingual, Justin is a proud Franco-Ontarian.

Leading the Good Fight

In today’s world, picking the right adversary is key. It’s easy to know what you’re fighting for, but do you know what you’re fighting against? In the new digital reality, competitors are everywhere and can pop up out of the blue. One single click can alter your future. What’s more, this increase in competition means more demands from your consumers.

In this engaging talk, Justin Kingsley tells his audiences what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. It begins with defining the right mindset, then identifying the real threats, followed by a plan of action and its implementation. Based on real case studies garnered from his experience with global brands and campaigns, Justin reveals hard insights and real takeaways that can be implemented immediately to help you define and reach your goals.

The Success of Failure

Oprah was told she was unfit for television. Walt Disney was fired for lacking creativity. JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series was rejected a dozen times. Failure, in other words, is a key to success; in fact, it’s a rite of passage.

In a personal, humorous, and sometimes emotional talk, Justin opens up about his biggest failures and, more importantly, the lessons learned that helped make him and the people around him better. With topics ranging from interpersonal work relationships to decision-making for leaders and crisis management, this talk helps listeners learn from other people’s mistakes — the only thing smarter than learning from your own mistakes —and embrace risk-taking and failure as part of the journey instead of the ending.

How Good Storytelling Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The modern audience gives you an average of three seconds to make a first impression. What are you saying in that three seconds to get a person’s attention? Are you getting that critical double-take or are people turning away when you try and reach them?

Using case studies from his personal archive from some of the biggest sporting events, brands, and personalities, Justin explores the various kinds of creativity, and how to ensure that you and your business are focused on new ideas to make your story stand out.