Jordan Axani

Mental Wellness and Leadership Expert | Focus of World's Most Viral Human-Interest Story

Jordan Axani has a long track-record of bold acts that move and inspire people. Whether becoming one of the youngest people to bike across Canada, or being at the centre of the most viral human-interest story in the internet’s history (the tale of a Canadian man giving away a plane ticket that earned 4.5-billion media hits), he now uses that entrepreneurial and creative spark to attack the biggest problems facing our mental wellness.

His casual approach, unique background, and immense vulnerability have made Axani a sought-after speaker on mental wellness, leadership, and change management. He shows organizations and individuals how to have simple, relatable, and actionable conversations on mental wellness and is a master at helping people take off the “masks” they wear around others. With this, he helps companies learn how to encourage trust among staff, and build safe and desirable workplace cultures that attract and retain top talent.

In the past four year, Axani has spoken to more than 750,000 people across North America and the Middle East. He is known for building attendees’ courage to stand up in front of their peers and share their true story, and for using anonymous technology in his talks so audiences can share their stories without fear of embarrassment or shame. His most popular program, “What’s Your Big Lie?”, has grown from a pilot with the RCMP to a live experience that tours internationally and has landed partnerships with top-tier firms, healthcare giants, and campuses to design innovative mental health programming.

Axani is currently the co-founder of Shift Collab, one of Canada’s largest therapy and mental health education firms. In the last year, his team launched a national mental health benefits program for post-secondary students that is now used three times more than the industry average, a trendsetting on-demand therapy product, and a suite of innovative trainings to help companies navigate mental wellness in the workplace.

What's Your Big Lie?

Most people identify with living a lie, creating immense anxiety and loneliness because of it. “What’s Your Big Lie?” is an interactive keynote that leads audiences of up to 1,000 people to have powerful personal realizations by sharing their confessions anonymously from their phones and seeing what they’ve shared projected in real-time. From there, attendees come forward to share their own big lies on microphone among cheers and encouragement from the audience. Suitable for campuses, communities, and companies alike, this keynote fosters a normalization and acceptance of one’s own struggles and demonstrates in real-time that no one is alone in their day-to-day life.

Audiences leave with a toolkit to encourage peer support and an awareness of local mental health resources.

What’s Your Real Story?

Leaders often have a difficult time sharing their story in a sincere way that will ensure their mental wellness while creating a bond with their peers. This keynote or workshop builds authentic leadership by taking audiences through a process to understand their individual story, and how their experiences connect and inform their motivations today.

Designed initially as a process to coach bestselling authors and elite entrepreneurs, Jordan Axani uses a framework called “The Story Workbook” so that attendees walk away with tactical clarity that improves the effectiveness of their leadership.

What’s Your Unspoken Challenge?

Every organization has an unspoken challenge — a set of barriers that limit the mental wellness of its people. Whether that unspoken challenge stems from a lack of autonomy, recognition, or rapid change, this keynote or workshop gives space for what’s left unsaid to be shared and addressed. After all, challenges can only be addressed once they are out in the open.

Using his proprietary anonymous sharing platform, Jordan Axani investigates these challenges with the audiences and digs into how each identified barrier is impacting their mental wellness on a much deeper level. Rather than dwelling on the negative, Axani then leads exercises shaped by lead organizational strategy and rapid prototyping to guide the audience through ideating, testing, and championing concepts of feasible workplace initiatives. These initiatives are ones that the audience members can implement themselves to address the now-spoken challenges.

In sum, this session gives audiences the awareness, confidence, and tools to take ownership of their wellness at work.