John Stanton

Founder of the Running Room

John Stanton created his first meeting place for runners over 25 years ago out of the back of a shop.  Now, the Running Room boasts 100 stores and 1,300 employees in Canada and the USA, and have helped encourage nearly a million Canadians to get fit and stay healthy through running and walking. Stanton’s boundless enthusiasm for the way in which exercise and healthy living can transform lives is palpable in his motivating, inspiring talks. He also speaks with candor about the challenges and triumphs he’s experienced as an entrepreneur.

A three-kilometre run with his sons in 1981 was the catalyst for the then out-of-shape, overweight, Stanton to realize he had to change his life. An executive who smoked two packs of cigarettes a day, he began secretly running , and soon went on to run over 60 marathons, hundreds of road races, and numerous triathlons, including the Hawaiian World Championship Ironman competition.

Stanton has received a variety of awards and honours, including being named “One of 10 Canadians Making a Difference” by Maclean’s magazine; receiving the Dr. Harold N. Segall Award of Merit (which recognized his significant contribution to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and the promotion of cardiovascular health in Canadians); and being bestowed with the Award for Excellence in Health Promotion from The Canadian Medical Association. He is also a Member of the Order of Canada and the Hon. Lt. Col. of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. Most recently, Stanton was inducted into the Canadian Retail Hall of Fame.

The author of eight books, Stanton is regularly featured on CBC, CTV, Global Television, the National Post, The Globe and Mail, and numerous radio and television programs across Canada and the United States.

RUNNING and ACTIVE FOR LIFE: You don't start at the finish line.

The best advice to get started, and stay motivated, fit and health for life. Who is seeking a lifestyle change? When are you motivated? Why stay active? (The wants and needs of why we run) A reflection on starting points, working from a benchmark such as medical, physical, mental and social these will give motivation and a reminder to continue when things get difficult. Leading to a lifestyle of making changes for the better


– The Starting Line (Find a running group that fits your needs)

– Checking in, not checking out, on yourself

– Nutrition

– Training When Life Changes (Know when to take it slow and make a change)


Training When You’re Busy (Make it fit your life)


– Running Changes Your Life. (Plan for curves in the road)

– Keep it going – how to stay motivated for life

– Mentorship – The Active Family be a positive mentor