Jennifer Heil


Jennifer Heil

Olympic Champion Freestyle Skier

Jennifer Heil’s vibrant spirit is evident in everything she does, whether speaking in front of a large crowd, or skiing moguls down a mountain. The winner of two Olympic medals, Jennifer inspires audiences when it comes to purpose, problem solving, success, and health.

Jennifer’s skiing legacy began in 2002, when she took part in her first Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City. As the youngest member of the Canadian Olympic Team, she finished fourth and took the next year “off” to begin her studies at McGill University.

Following her schooling, Jennifer burst back into to the World Cup circuit, delivering unprecedented competition success with five overall World Cup titles, 58 World Cup podiums, four gold and two silver World Championship performances, and two Olympic medals (gold in 2006 and Olympic silver in 2010). She was also named CanWest Media Canadian Female Athlete of the Year in 2007.

Now retired from competition, Jennifer  is active in supporting Plan International’s “Because I am a Girl Campaign” (she donated $25,000 during the 2010 Winter Olympics, and successfully raised $1,000,000 on her own for the charity).  She also co-founded B2ten, a privately funded organization that supports Olympic athletes to attain their full potential.

Heavily honoured, Jennifer received the Meritorious Service Decorations award, bestowed by the Governor General of Canada to Canadians performing exceptional deeds that bring honour to Canada in 2016. She received the Bobbie Rosenfeld Female Athlete of the Year award in 2011, became an honoured member of the Canada Sports Hall of Fame in 2015, and of the Pantheon des Sports du Quebec in 2015.

Most recently, Jennifer was working with Deloitte as part of their innovation and consulting teams, along with cultivating a special interest in wellness.

Confidence in the Face of Failure

Coming in fourth at the Olympics may not seem something to fret about on the surface, but it is the cruellest of positions in the sport world — especially when one missing a medal by 1/100th of a point as Jennifer Heil did at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

After missing a medal, Jennifer took coming up short and transformed it into a mission to not only train harder for the next Winter Olympic Games, but to train smarter.

Whatever your profession, taking control of your goals, creating a plan for success, and working with a team to execute your plan is required for success.

Jennifer shares how she did it and how you can, too.

Innovation by Design

Whether in sport, the not-for-profit sector, or in business, Jennifer Heil has focused on “purpose” to deliver exceptional outcomes and drive innovation agendas.

Jennifer’s clarity of purpose has allowed her to develop transformative practices when it comes to overcoming injury, doubt, and limited resources to achieve world-class performances.

When Jennifer entered the business world as a member of an innovation team, she applied the same lessons she learned through sport to the challenges in front of her at the office.

Jennifer shares her process to overcoming challenges, and how focusing on “purpose” can unite teams to deliver regardless of the industry you’re in.

Taking Control of Workplace Health

Canada showed that it could own the podium at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Today, why shouldn’t Canada set the objective to own the podium on health becoming one of the healthiest nations on earth? The reality is that Canadians across all generations have never been so unwell.

Jennifer Heil outlines how rapid social change has created new challenges that require new solutions specifically for our youth and working Canadians.

With evidence based arguments and real world examples, Jennifer offers advice on how individuals and corporations can be — and perform — at their best.