Jeff Salz

Jeff Salz

Anthropologist | Explorer | Media Personality

Acclaimed anthropologist, explorer, and media personality Jeff Salz inspires organizations to create a culture of vitality to become the best they’ve ever been. Drawing on more than 35 years of studying diverse cultures around the world, Jeff guides audiences on a remarkable journey of discovery and reveals universal principles of “best practices” for maximizing effectiveness.

Jeff spent more than 30 years as a mountain guide, 10 years as a university professor, and for the last 20 years he has been helping top tier executives at organizations like Microsoft, Google, eBay, Motorola, and the Walt Disney Company   navigate the turbulent seas of change while facilitating enhanced teamwork, innovation, and creativity in their companies.

Audience members will recognize Jeff from his frequent appearances as program host on the on the History Channel and the Discovery Network and be familiar with his bestselling book, The Way of Adventure: Transforming Your Life and Work with Spirit and Vision.

Adventure of Change: Leading in Turbulent Times

Learn the secret of how to create the ultimate competitive advantage in times of change as Dr. Jeff Salz reveals and explains “The Six Steps.”

Gleaned from 40 years of exploration and expedition leadership, the six steps are the essential lessons Salz shares with c-suite execs at some of today’s most successful organizations.

“The Adventure of Change” is Salz’s most requested presentation. A dynamic combination of award-winning photography and powerful storytelling, it provides inspiration and tools that are essential for innovation and growth in today’s unique business environment.

Participants will discover the best practices of a successful adventurer, as well as invaluable insights for enhancing professional and personal effectiveness, and the keys to mastering innovation and resilience in a world of unprecedented change.

Into Thin Hair: The Adventure of a Lifetime

What is the secret of a long and generative life? How do we inhabit every stage of life — especially our later years — in a way that insures a sense of optimal joy from start to finish?

Entertaining, provocative. and inspirational, “Into Thin Hair” is the result of four decades of anthropological investigation — from the frozen hinterlands of Patagonia to the jungles of central America to the wind-swept Tibet plateau — in search of the highest common denominators of humanity.

Join Dr. Jeff Salz on the journey of a lifetime to discover the map that leads to the possibility of fulfillment and delight in every phase of work and life.