James Maskalyk


James Maskalyk

Medical Doctor | Humanitarian | Author of Six Months in Sudan

Equipped only with his experience as an emergency physician in an urban hospital and a desire to understand the hardest parts of the world, Dr. James Maskalyk travelled to Sudan in 2007 to treat casualties — from civilians to soldiers — of the war-torn nation. The author of Six Months in Sudan, and his newest title, Life on the Ground Floor: Letters from the Edge of Emergency Medicine, Maskalyk speaks about his life-changing experiences on medicine’s front-lines, away and at home.

Since his first experience in Sudan, Maskalyk has returned to work with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) three times, working as both a physician and as a journalist, most recently in Dadaab, Kenya — home to the world’s largest refugee camp.

Maskalyk currently practices emergency medicine at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto; is an award-winning teacher at the University of Toronto; and an associate and founding editor of the medical journal Open Medicine. He is also director of a program that works with Ethiopian partners at Addis Ababa University to train East Africa’s first emergency physicians.



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