Isaac Lidsky


Isaac Lidsky

Visionary Entrepreneur and Bestselling Author

Isaac Lidsky “may possess the most eclectic resume in entrepreneurship” according to Inc. Magazine. For example, he graduated from Harvard College at 19 years old with a degree in mathematics and computer science; and later graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude. He served as a law clerk for Supreme Court Justices Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg; played “Weasel” on Saved by the Bell; and transformed a struggling $15 million concrete subcontractor into an industry-leading $150 million construction services company in just five years. Perhaps most strikingly, Lidsky has accomplished all of this, and more, while blind.

Recognized as a visionary thought leader, Lidsky explains his empowering approach to living and leading, while sharing his insightful lessons on overcoming both personal and professional challenges.

Lidsky’s book, Eyes Wide Open, hit the shelves as a New York Times bestseller in March, 2017, and his TED talk, What Reality Are You Creating For Yourself?,  was viewed more than a million times in 20 days.

Lidsky is an advisor to a $1+ billion tech “unicorn”, and he has been appointed to State leadership positions by the Governor of Florida, and to a federal position by a U.S. Senator. He was also named one of four Temple Bar Scholars by the United Kingdom’s Inns of Court, and brought to London for a month-long idea exchange with UK Supreme Court Justices and leading barristers.

Regularly featured in national and international media, Lidsky has been featured in outlets such as Forbes, MSNBC, 60 Minutes, CNN, Business Insider, Men’s Health, People magazine, the National Law Journal, and the American Bar Association Journal. He is regularly asked by the media to provide his commentary on the construction industry, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Eyes Wide Open

You create your own reality, and you believe it. Isaac will prove it to you, sharing his eye-opening perspective of sight itself as an example. You’ll gain the vision to shape your life deliberately, with awareness and accountability.

Leadership and Teams

To lead is to listen. True leadership is the alignment of intentions and effort, and true success a byproduct of common purpose. We accomplish nothing alone, and we accomplish little if we cannot listen to each other. Isaac will talk you through it. Listen to him and you’ll learn to conduct a harmonious team.

Motivation and Achievement

In every moment you choose who you are and how you want to live your life. With this empowerment comes responsibility, complete and inescapable. When you’re beset by challenges, you’re tempted to plead with your heroes, blame your villains and surrender to your limitations. This is a temptation to relinquish your choice, to abdicate your control. Isaac will inspire you to make a better choice. Your heroes, villains and limitations are fictions you perceive as reality. Choose to see through them. Choose to let them go.


Fear is a powerfully destructive force in our lives. Above all else we fear the unknown. Yet to thrive in transition we must find empowerment in uncertainty. Isaac will show you how to deconstruct fear’s oppressive tunnel. You’ll learn to embrace the expansive possibilities of the undefined and uncharted.

Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Effort without purpose is entropy. When we labor without a goal we are destined to fail. Using his 3 successful startups as examples—an internet advertising technology company in New York (sold for $230 million); a nonprofit to fund scientific research in Washington, DC ($0 to $5 million in 5 years); and a construction services business in Florida ($15 to $150 million in 5 years)—Isaac will show you how success is a matter of definition. You’ll learn to reinvent yourself and create the organization that expresses achievement as you see it.