Hugh Culver

Inspiring Excellence in the Workplace

With a vision to “change the way work serves people,” Hugh Culver has been delivers extraordinary keynote experiences about personal effectiveness in the workplace. He combined business savvy with humour and real-world, practical advice designed to make an impact long after the applause has ended.

Hugh co-created the only private airline in Antarctica, was a professional guide, ironman, and marathon competitor, and university professor. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration, is a certified facilitation professional, and is one of only 60 certified professional speakers in Canada. In his spare time he launched the largest conference in Canada on enlightened leadership and a youth leadership sea-kayaking program in British Columbia.

Hugh’s clients have included Shoppers Drug Mart, Royal Bank of Canada, Suncor Energy, BC Lottery Corporation, Imperial Oil, Sun-Rype Products, Food Services America, as well as many provincial and municipal governments, credit unions and associations, plus nine universities.

Hugh is the author of the national bestselling book Give Me a Break: The Art of Making Time Work for You, and he is president of getSOS a marketing start-up that employs local women and has clients in five countries.

Think, Plan, Act: How to Create Extraordinary Results in Work and Life

It is possible to survive – even excel – in our new Age of Distraction, but only if you change how you Think, Plan, and Act. Based on his bestselling book, Give Me a Break, Hugh Culver’s high-energy keynote is perfect for busy people with To-Do lists that never end.

Consistently voted as “best of the event”, Think, Plan, Act challenges audiences to rethink what it means to be “effective” and how to create real results and a rich life.

Part motivational, part instructional, and definitely memorable, this content-rich keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to Hugh’s Think, Plan, Act.

Work-Life Balance 2.0: How to Create Balance in Our New Online World

The ideal of seeking work/life balance has quietly been replaced with an always-on, often-frantic, connected lifestyle. All day, we rush from email to smartphone to conference call and back to email. And there is a cost in terms of health, productivity and relationships – even employee retention.

Hugh’s exciting new keynote is based on 10 years of research and work with over 200 organizations and Hugh’s own quest for balance as an over-achiever. Work-Life Balance 2.0 is packed with practical advice designed for the person who knows more is possible, but doesn’t have the time.

Delegates will learn they have everything they need to regain control and can change their thoughts, feelings and outcomes anytime they want – if they know how.

Re-Claiming the Clock: How to End To-Do Lists, Plan Like a Pilot, and Get More Done

It’s easy to get busy. Email, interruptions, meetings, and clutter can keep us busy, distracted from what’s really important, and discouraged. Without help, “busy” becomes the excuse for ongoing missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes.

Hugh Culver’s Re-Claiming the Clock is an exciting new approach to getting beyond survival and excelling at getting the right stuff done. His proven Plan Like A Pilot model will show you how to free-up time for planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff, and creative thinking. And for many graduates they also create exciting improvements in their personal time for family, relaxation, exercise – even fun.

Based on Hugh’s best-selling book Give Me A Break, this popular keynote provides a simple road map discipline delegates can follow long after the event is over.