Hugh Culver

Inspiring Excellence in the Workplace

With a vision to “change the way work serves people,” Hugh Culver has been delivering extraordinary keynote experiences about personal effectiveness in the workplace. He combined business savvy with humour and real-world, practical advice designed to make an impact long after the applause has ended.

Hugh co-created the only private airline in Antarctica, was a professional guide, ironman, and marathon competitor, and university professor. He holds a Master’s in Business Administration, is a certified facilitation professional, and is one of only 60 certified professional speakers in Canada. In his spare time he launched the largest conference in Canada on enlightened leadership and a youth leadership sea-kayaking program in British Columbia.

Hugh’s clients have included Shoppers Drug Mart, Royal Bank of Canada, Suncor Energy, BC Lottery Corporation, Imperial Oil, Sun-Rype Products, Food Services America, as well as many provincial and municipal governments, credit unions and associations, plus nine universities.

Hugh is the author of the national bestselling book Give Me a Break: The Art of Making Time Work for You, and he is president of getSOS a marketing start-up that employs local women and has clients in five countries.

Think, Plan, Act: How to Create Extraordinary Results in the Age of Distraction

It is possible to survive – even excel – in our new Age of Distraction, but only if you change how you Think, Plan, and Act. Based on his best-selling book, Give Me a Break, Hugh Culver’s high-energy keynote is perfect for busy people with To-Do lists that never end.

Consistently voted as “best of the event”, Think, Plan, Act challenges audiences to rethink what it means to be “effective” and how to create real results and a rich life.

Part motivational, part instructional, and definitely memorable, this content-rich keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to Hugh’s Think, Plan, Act.

“You were instrumental in the success of our Conference.” -Hank Oostveen, VP, UNIGLOBE Travel

“…insightful, educational, and entertaining. A perfect high note to end our conference on.” -Vik Kail, HR, Bayer CropScience Canada


  • THINK – changing your results starts by changing your story (your audience will actually experience this)! This life-changing lesson continues to impact chronic procrastinators, frustrated leaders, and overwhelmed employees.
  • PLAN – interruptions are inevitable – poor planning shouldn’t be. Learn how to Plan Like a Pilot and work from a Flight Plan to literally create time for your most important work.
  • ACT – exercising the secret power of habits can improve your willpower, resilience, productivity, and your results. Discover a three-step approach to breaking old, unwanted habits and how to develop new, successful habits that stick.

Moving to Mastery: How to Create Extraordinary Results in Work and Life

It is possible to achieve more than you ever imagined. And to do it your way. Author, entrepreneur and adventurer Hugh Culver will show you how. Using stories ranging from Antarctica to the boardroom, Hugh will challenge your audience to rethink how they use their mind and spend their minutes.

Learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs with a single question, end procrastination and build powerful habits for health, work and life. Part motivational, part instructional, and part surprising, this content-rich keynote presentation is an exciting experience for any audience

You will discover three powerful lessons:

  • How curiosity is the key to unlocking old beliefs and introducing new opportunities.
  • The trick to moving from procrastination to productive without doing the hard work.
  • Why habits can change your life and the science behind building better habits quickly.

Reclaiming the Clock: Getting More of the Right Stuff Done Every Day

It’s easy to get busy – email, interruptions, meetings and clutter can keep us busy and distracted from what’s important. Without better systems and habits, “busy” becomes an excuse for missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes.

ReClaiming the Clock is an exciting new approach to getting more from your minutes without simply trying to make more lists or do more work. Based on Hugh’s best-selling book, Give Me a Break, this proven model shows you how to create time for planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff and even creative thinking.

“This was probably one of the best workshops I have ever attended! I will use this material every day.” — Canadian Home Builders Association

Consistently rated as ‘best of the event’, ReClaiming the Clock is the perfect addition to any conference or staff event.

What you will learn:

  • The secret to ending a procrastination habit – permanently
  • How to end a stressful, dysfunctional time-poverty mindset
  • Discover how to expand your productivity by Planning-Like-A-Pilot
  • The building blocks of time management: Boundaries, Blocking, Batching and Breaks
  • A surprisingly simple 3-step formula for building better habits

“You left us all on a high and renewed sense of energy and vigour as we face our challenges ahead.” Serge De Iure, British Columbia Lottery Corporation