Hana Gartner

Award-Winning CBC Journalist

For over three decades, Hana Gartner travelled the nation and the world on behalf of CBC Television. One of Canada’s most respected journalists, Gartner shares stories from her distinguished 35-plus-year career―drawing on her encounters with everyone from Prime Ministers to contract killers. Hana has taken them all on, the corrupt and the inept, all the while exploring and exposing that which makes us human and inhumane.

Gartner joined CBC in 1974, and became host of CBC Radio’s This Country in the Morning in 1976. The following year, she moved to television, as a co-host of both the CBC’s local newscast in Toronto and then the network’s afternoon public affairs program Take 30. In 1982, she became co-host of The Fifth Estate. She was later given an interview series, Contact with Hana Gartner, and in 1995 she became the co-host with Peter Mansbridge of The National. Gartner hosted the magazine portion of the program which consisted of interviews, extended features, and documentaries. Gartner left The National to return to The Fifth Estate in 2000, remaining with the program for the next 11 years until her retirement.

Gartner has won five Gemini Awards, and has been nominated 18 times in Gemini hosting, anchoring, and interviewing categories during her career. She has also twice won  Gemini’s prestigious “Gordon Sinclair Award” for excellence in broadcast journalism. In 2011, she was presented the Michener Award for her investigation into the life and death of a troubled teen who died while in the Federal custody.

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