Great Traits with Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir

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Great Traits with Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir

Inspiring Excellence

Great Traits, founded by Olympic insiders Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir, delivers engaging, unique, impactful programs that show people how to perform at their best, and influence the environment around them in a positive and meaningful way.

It is often said that sport and business are much alike – both take place in a competitive landscape, both are performance driven and, hopefully, both are values based. Great Traits’ mission is to provide the foundation and inspiration for people to succeed in competitive, performance-driven environments. Mark and Debbie created the Great Traits High Performance System by distilling their Olympic success into fundamental principles applicable to all organizations.

The magic of the Great Traits High Performance System is that 24 simple, fundamental “traits of champions” work together in a plug-and-play way to create a sophisticated, inspired approach to a variety of challenges organizations often face. Over the past seven years, hundreds of top-tier clients have received customized programs to solve their wide-ranging challenges based on the Great Traits High Performance System.

The Great Traits high performance secrets and insights were born from real-life experience. Debbie Muir has coached numerous athletes to Olympic gold medals, has mentored many of Canada’s national team coaches, and serves as a high performance advisor within the Canadian sport world.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport. Mark Tewksbury is an Olympic gold medalist, has inspired every Canadian Olympic team since 2004, and was Canada’s Chef de mission at the 2012 London Olympic Games. Mark is currently Vice Chair of the Board of Special Olympics Canada.

Creating a Winning Mindset

Traits:  Utilize Power of Thought—Be Aware—Make Possible

The first part of this program focuses on becoming aware of how people’s thinking  impacts their ability to perform well on the job (or not).  Creating a winning mindset starts by checking in with yourself.  The second part focuses on creating the foundation for an organization-wide winning culture.   Do you make it possible for winning results to happen across your organization, and have the ability to sustain success?

Building Innovative and Effective Teams

Traits: Expand Your Perspective—Act Effectively—Create Synergy

The first part of this program shows the downfalls of having a myopic perspective.  See how experiencing things differently lays the foundation for innovation to happen.  Then the focus shifts to collaboration.  How do you bring out people’s best, get the right expertise together, and ensure innovative ideas get shared across an organization?

The Great Traits of Leaders: A Fundamental Refresher

Traits: Be Aware—Have Purpose—Create Synergy—Exemplify Excellence

This program focuses on increasing your awareness of how you are as a leader in order to be more effective.  How are your actions impacting those you lead?  Is the overall organizational vision clear, and are people’s actions aligned with it?  Have you built a solid team around you?  How are you using the power of your example? It is so easy to get caught in reactionary mode.  This program brings you back to the fundamentals that build awareness and clarity.

Going Beyond: Raising the Bar on Performance

Traits: Utilize Power of Thought—Create Synergy—Generate Enthusiasm—Continually Evolve

The first part of this program looks at creating some excitement and energy around what you are doing, and explore where there is room for improvement.  It is important to be part of a culture that continually challenges itself to be better. The second part looks at key factors that drive performance for world class teams and organizations.  How do you measure up?

The Games Experience: Interactive Keynote/Workshops

Customized especially for your organization by Olympic Champion Mark Tewksbury and one of Canada’s most winning coaches, Debbie Muir, a Great Traits program lasts anywhere from 60 minutes to 6 hours and can be customized for a small group of 20, a huge group of 800, and everything in between.

The programs are based on the book, The Great Traits of Champions:  Fundamentals for Achievers, Leaders and Legacy Leavers.  Essentially we teach the fundamentals of high performance – for individuals and organizations – to help you reach greater levels of success.  How do you create a winning mindset?  How do you keep raising the bar for yourself and others?  How do you get your team performing at its best?  What kind of example are you setting?   These are just some examples of what a Great Traits’ programs could explore.

Your custom-made Great Traits program happens in three phases.

First, we interview you to see which of the Great Traits best fit your needs and objectives.  There are 24 traits in total, each with its own specific focus.  Depending on your goals, we choose the 3 or 4 traits that best suit you.

Once we determine the right traits, we go to the second phase—design.  Our sessions are driven by stories that inspire; team-building activities and games that are experiential and engaging; fun exercises that bring the focus back to you; and practical tools you can take-away and apply— the very next day.  Based on your objectives, we choose the right mixture of these elements to create a unique program.  Then we review the draft outline with you to make sure it is a perfect fit.

Then it is the final phase—delivery, which is as unique as our design.  Great Traits’ sessions are interactive and move at a quick pace.  Everything we do is timed – we even have a stopwatch.  There is a sense of urgency and participants are asked to perform under pressure, just like real life.  People feel inspired and energized, have a lot fun, and learn something new.  Beyond that, everyone leaves with practical tools they can apply in the work place the very next day.

We teach important lessons, make it fun so people remember, then show you how to apply it in your own life.  Let us create a Great Traits program made just for you.


An Introduction to the Great Traits: The Achiever Traits Chat and Challenge

Great Traits is a professional development company founded by Olympic Coach, Debbie Muir, and Olympic Champion, Mark Tewksbury. Coming from the worlds of Olympic and high performance sport, Mark and Debbie have spent many years exploring what it is that, when stripped down to its absolute core, leads to excellence in achievement and leadership.

The Achiever Traits Chat and Challenge is an eight-part video series that introduces viewers to the fundamental skills required to be the best you can be, at the top of your game, no matter what it is you are doing. Each video lays out one key concept which Mark and Debbie focus their conversation around. Through this series, they take participants back to the inspiring real-life experience from which the Great Traits were born–the journey that led to Mark winning Olympic gold. They then give one simple, practical challenge for participants to undertake to end each video.

The objective is simple: inspire and challenge each participant to discover what is possible, and then share practical, simple ways to make that possibility a reality.