Frank McKenna

Frank McKenna

Former Canadian Ambassador to the US | Deputy Chair, TD Bank Group

Frank McKenna brings a unique insider’s perspective to the world of business and politics. An expert on American-Canadian relations, his forceful yet charismatic personality—combined with his unparalleled experience and insight—makes him one of the most sought after voices in politics and business today.

An influential voice in both politics and business, McKenna is the Deputy Chair of TD Bank Group, the former Canadian Ambassador to the United States, and the former Premier of New Brunswick. During his time at TD, McKenna helped expand their North American presence as one of the ten largest banks in the world. His move to the banking world came after a notable political career. He served as Premier of New Brunswick from 1987-1997, winning three consecutive elections before stepping down after his tenth year in office.

From 2005-2006, McKenna served as Canadian Ambassador to the United States. A graduate from St. Francis Xavier University with a Bachelor of Arts, McKenna completed his post-graduate studies in political science at Queen’s University, and he graduated from the University of New Brunswick Law School as a silver medalist. He also holds eight honourary doctorates from Canadian universities.

Frank McKenna Topics

Frank McKenna speaks on many topics, ranging from Canada/US Relations to Global Policies. Please contact a Speakers’ Spotlight representative for more information: [email protected]