Elizabeth Manley

Olympic Figure Skater and World Silver Medalist

Boasting more than 30 years in both amateur and professional figure skating, Elizabeth Manley was the first Canadian female to successfully land a triple-double combination jump in competition. She has participated in two Olympic Games (where she won the 1988 silver medal and became the Olympic freestyle champion), six World Championships, and has won three National Titles. Reliving her incredible journey for audiences, Manley gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to make it to the
top and speaks with honesty about the importance of mental health and surviving the loss of her parents.

Since her retirement from amateur competition, Manley was awarded The Royal Order of Canada. She is the author of two autobiographies, Thumbs Up: The Elizabeth Manley Story and Elizabeth Manley: As I Am, My Life after the Olympics. She has also starred in three television specials, Trial of Red Riding Hood, Back to the Beanstalk, and Dear Elizabeth, which won a Gemini Award. She was also a sports commentator for NBC for the Salt Lake City and Torino Olympic Games, and was a part of the CTV broadcast team for the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Manley is the former national spokesperson for Herbal Magic, and a current spokesperson for The Alzheimer’s Society of Ottawa, and former spokesperson for Winners Walk of Hope for Ovarian Cancer Canada .She is also an advocate for the Alzheimer’s Association of Canada, an ambassador for the Health Council of Canada.

Elizabeth has become a Producer of the charity event Elizabeth Manley and Friends for Mental Health (and regularly works with the Canadian Mental Health Association), and is a member of the Cancer Foundation Courage Campaign Presidents’ Advisory Circle in Ottawa. Elizabeth has spoken to more then 75 schools on the importance of Mental Health , Bullying , and Teen Suicide.

In 1988, Manley was made a Member of the Order of Canada. She is also a member of the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame, the Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame, and the Skate Canada Hall of Fame. In 2014, she was also inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.

In 2015 Elizabeth received one of the highest honours in Ottawa ” The Builders Award ” from United Way which recognized her continuous contributions and work in the community for charitable work.

Overcoming the Odds

Olympic Figure Skating Champion Elizabeth Manley has overcome numerous obstacles on her road to success. In her honest and uplifting style, Manley speaks about some of her many challenges, demonstrating how her positive attitude and perseverance have helped her come out on top.

Issues that Manley speaks about:

  • Coming from a lower income family, and creating a very public, successful career.
  • Weight issues
  • Handling negative criticism
  • Dealing with the pressures of becoming and being a champion

Lessons Learned From Being An Olympic Champion

What are the many lessons that Manley has learned from her years as a champion?

The endless hours of training and goal setting, the commitment, the focus, the immense drive that creates a world-class champion… can anyone do it? Manley relives her incredible journey; the ups and downs, the pressures, the struggles and the triumphs, and gives a behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to make it to the top.

Weather in sport or business struggles exist in all journeys to success, Manley discusses the importance of constantly re-vamping life’s goals.

Audience will take the skills to become a champion:

  • Discipline
  • Setting short- and long-term goals
  • Reaching for the impossible
  • Structure & time management
  • Change and decision making
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with criticism
  • Learning from failure
  • Working with & trusting your team
  • Working hard for success

Striving for a Healthier You: Fit, Healthier and Happier Than Ever!

Having comeback from depression to win an Olympic Medal, Manley speaks out on her struggles with depression, and how she came back from it. Manley outlines the stigma of mental illness and talks about dealing with it and helping others.

Post Olympics, Manley shares her experiences with losing loved ones to many of today’s diseases. Manley speaks about her experience with losing her mother to Ovarian Cancer, and her father from Alzheimer’s. She opens her heart and talks candidly about taking on the role as caregiver.

Like many people, Manley had a long struggle with weight issues. She presents on when and why her struggle with her weight began, her associated health challenges, as well as the social stigma associated with being overweight (especially for an Olympian). Although it’s an everyday challenge, her presentation ends with discussing how she deals with these obstacles in her way to become more fit, healthier and happier than ever!

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