Dr. Saul Miller


Dr. Saul Miller

Leading Performance and Sports Psychologist

Super-achievers in world-class sport, business, healthcare, and the arts turn to Dr. Saul L. Miller, one of North America’s leading performance psychologists, for expert insight into dealing effectively with pressure, stress, and change. Working in the areas of performance and productivity enhancement, Dr. Miller’s programs are tailored to meet the needs of the client and are certain to motivate, inform, and entertain his audiences.

In sport, Dr. Miller has worked with teams in Major League Baseball; the National Football League; the National Basketball Association; and the National Hockey League, as well as PGA Tour golfers, Swiss and German professional teams, and Olympians from the USA, Canada, and Europe in over a dozen different sports.

In business, Dr. Miller’s clients span management, manufacturing, sales and service. He has consulted in a variety of industries, including financial services, technology, insurance, construction, automotive, and health care. For six years, Dr. Miller was president of a successful interdisciplinary health facility assisting people to live healthy, productive lives.

Dr. Miller is the author of eight books including: Performing Under Pressure: Gaining the Mental Edge in Business and Sport and Why Teams Win: 9 Keys to Success in Business, Sport and Beyond.

A graduate of McGill University and the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London (PhD Clinical Psychology), Dr. Miller’s work reflects his study of Eastern disciplines, Western psychological thinking and over 25 years of front line experience consulting with the world’s top performers.

Performing Under Pressure

Success in business, sport, and life is a function of how we manage our minds.” This program explores the thinking and attitudes that generate personal and professional excellence. Dr. Miller reviews five elements which facilitate success for the world’s top performers. These elements are particularly relevant and useful in pressure situations and challenging times.

Success relates to emotional mastery. In customer service and sales, it’s the ability to motivate and transform a customer/client’s “dis-ease” into ease, to transform their uncertainty into confidence. This informative, entertaining program describes ways to manage thinking and feeling to perform at one’s best.

Why Teams Win: Building Organizational Success

In his work with hundreds of teams all over the world, Dr. Miller has identified nine keys to organizational and team success. His “Why Teams Win” (WTW) program stimulates the audience to embrace a motivating team vision, strengthen commitment and improve communication. The program also coaches participants how to nurture team confidence, identity and culture, and ultimately to build success throughout their organization. Loaded with examples, WTW is an excellent program for management.

Leadership: Mentoring a Winning Culture

The foundation of creative, successful leadership is having and communicating a vision, an expectation of achievement, and a means for making it happen. Leadership is also about selecting and developing talent, and understanding differences in personality style and corporate roles. There are different strokes for different folks. Coaching extraverts is different from coaching introverts; coaching sales is different from managing operations.

This program explores the elements of vision, organization and communication, as well as personality and role(X) differences and coaches participants how to inspire others to create a winning culture.

Selling Tough

Selling Tough is an empowering, positive, mentally tough approach to sales. In this program, Dr. Miller coaches you and your sales team to develop a sales psyche that will drive success. The Selling Tough program explores 10 success factors including: a winning sales focus, personal power and emotional control (less anxiety, less over-selling), confidence, and all-star sales identity, and the ultimate power…love.