Peter Jensen

Dr. Peter Jensen

Authority on Coaching Leadership and Personal High Performance

With the world of Olympic level sport as a laboratory, Peter Jensen has developed a deep understanding of what it takes to be a successful leader of high performers. Combining fundamental leadership concepts with new ideas and ongoing insights from Olympic coaches and corporate leaders, Peter invigorates audiences through his compelling use of humour, personal experiences and concrete, actionable content.

Peter has attended nine Olympic Games as a member of the Canadian Olympic team, and has helped numerous athletes achieve high performance levels under intense pressure including, most recently, the gold-medal winning Women’s Hockey team. He is a top-rated instructor in seven programs at Queen’s Smith School of Business, including the Queen’s MBA and EMBA, and also helped to design the Queen’s Executive Leadership Program.

The author of three books, The Inside Edge, Ignite the Third Factor, and Thriving in a 24-7 World, Peter’s work has been featured on ABC, CBS, CBC, CTV and in a wide array of print media in North America and Europe.

As a consultant and speaker, his clients include Nexen, Syncrude, Labatt, Hydro One, CCMD, RCMP, GE Capital, Maclean’s and Royal Bank.

Building Resilience

When you are performing under pressure, there is an additional layer of skills required to be effective. Over the long term, success in high pressure situations hinges not just on your skills and knowledge, but also on your ability to recover, remain focused, stay energized, and show up motivated every day; in other words, your ability to be resilient.

Resilience skills can be learned, practised and mastered. High performers in both business and sport know this, and apply this knowledge on a daily basis.

Participants will begin to understand how to:

  • Become more mindful and aware of the choices they have under pressure
  • Carry more energy through the week by reducing wasted energy and improving the ability to recover
  • Choose the perspective and mental ‘game film’ that support their ability to be at their best
  • Separate what they can and can’t control in high stakes situations, and then take appropriate action
  • Pay attention to the right things under pressure and reduce missed information that can lead to ‘choking’.

There is power in pressure. Learn how to convert it to higher levels of performance.

Building Resilience will show you how.

Thriving in a 24/7 World

We live in a world where the number of hours in a day has not changed, yet the sheer volume of demands we face has grown exponentially.

In Thriving in a 24/7 World, Peter Jensen draws on his experience working with over 70 Olympic medal winning athletes, their coaches, and thousands of executives at Queen’s School of Business to provide an entertaining and insightful tour of the energy management skills that elite performers use to help transform pressure into growth.

In the face of 24/7 demands, many people turn to time management strategies in hopes of keeping up with the growing list of to-dos. The challenge with this approach is that often it is time that has control over us. It is the pressure of time that has us forfeiting a well-needed night of sleep, it is the urgency of time that creates for us a wave of anxiety, and it is the limits of time that force us into thinking that we don’t have enough of it. Time is the problem it is not the solution.

Energy management, on the other hand, is within our control. By striking a balance between moments of high performance and periods of renewal, ensuring we get enough rest and recovery, and learning the moment-to-moment skills that allow elite performers to turn their energy level up when they are flat or unengaged and turn it down when it gets too high, we can all learn to be more resilient—and to thrive in our own 24/7 reality.

Over the course of an entertaining 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor your ‘arousal level’ – the crucial diagnostic tool that allows you to gauge whether your energy level is too high or too low
  • Maintain consistent energy levels throughout the day while getting more accomplished
  • Use the ABC model to lower energy in high-pressure situations
  • Minimize the drain on your valuable energy resources
  • Renew and energize throughout the day

Ignite the Third Factor

How do you get someone else committed to reaching their full potential?

It’s a question that challenges new managers and seasoned executives alike, echoes through coaches’ heads as they watch a gifted athlete underachieve, and keeps parents up at night. It’s a question that you need to be able to answer to move your work team to high performance and enable your children to achieve self-reliance and success.

It’s also a question Peter Jensen has spent a lifetime investigating. In Igniting the Third Factor, Peter synthesizes his life’s work into the five core practices exceptional leaders use to ignite the third Factor – whether it’s in the locker room before a gold medal Olympic hockey game or at a routine performance review.

Peter works through an easy-to-understand model, providing a clear view of 5 actions that separate ‘igniters’ from ”extinguishers’ and a wealth of strategies you can put to use immediately in your world.

Peter’s keynotes combine visionary ideas, with 30 years of unique experience to deliver an experience that entertains, educates, and motivates. It’s a speech only Peter could give – delivered the way only he can.

Coaching For High Performance

To achieve organizational success, sustained individual high performance is essential. And, high performers consistently exhibit commitment; they focus on doing everything to the best of their abilities. Coaching builds this commitment. Leaders who are coaches manage the environment to maximize the potential of their people. They concentrate on developing their employees; it shows they care and helps maximize commitment. Learning coaching skills is the best way to dramatically increase the commitment level, and performance, of your employees and team members.

As Peter paints a detailed picture of what good coaches do, and what they achieve, audience members see first-hand the potential impact coaching can have in both their business and personal lives. Participants are guided through Peter’s comprehensive coaching model with tangible examples of effective coaching strategies and outcomes. Attendees leave revitalized. They are inspired with an awareness of techniques to apply in everyday management and leadership situations.