Doc Hendley

Founder and President of Wine To Water

Bartenders aren’t automatically the people most think of as “CNN Heroes,” but that is exactly what Doc Hendley, the founder of Wine To Water, became after he followed his dream to save thousands of lives around the world by providing those in need with clean drinking water. Proving that ordinary people can change the world, Hendley recounts the experiences that led him to start his non-profit and inspires audiences to understand that one person can indeed make a difference.

Hendley began Wine To Water after living in Sudan, where he installed water systems for victims of the government-supported genocide. “When the idea came to me to start Wine To Water, the only real world job experience I had was tending bar,” says Hendley. “I dreamed of building an organization that fought water related death and disease using completely different methods than anyone else. So I started raising money to fight this water epidemic the best way I knew how, by pouring wine and playing music.”

Hendley now has projects in nine different countries around the world and has saved thousands of lives by providing humanity’s most basic need and right―clean drinking water. Balancing family life and the demands of building Wine to Water, Hendley continues to travel to underdeveloped, war-ridden nations, working in the field to bring clean water to those in need.

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