David Prentice

Speaker, L&D

David Prentice

Leading Sales and Marketing Expert

For over 30 years, David Prentice has worked to train front-line and executive staff in how to serve customers better—and increase sales. A dynamic and witty speaker, he helps clients understand a range of business issues, such as customer service and satisfaction, negotiation, account management, and how to achieve sales excellence. Prentice offers audiences practical techniques that can be put to use immediately to increase performance and improve results.

Prior to starting his own consulting firm, Prentice held a variety of senior sales, sales-training, and sales-management positions with the Xerox Corporation, both in Canada and at the Xerox International Training Center in the USA. He has also held similar positions with General Foods Limited, and Warner-Lambert.

Prentice has personally designed, written, and conducted sales-development seminars and keynote addresses for AT&T, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Schneiders, The Coca-Cola Company, Bell Canada, Bell Mobility, Ford Motor Company of Canada, Peat Marwick, M&M Meats, Great West Life, AGF, London Life, Canadian Airlines, Molson, Coors, Toronto Dominion Bank, Canada Trust, CIBC, Canadian Tire, and RBC Royal Bank.

The Competitive Edge

Success in sales…seldom just happens. Truly professional first-quarter sales professionals have the ability to utilize skills, technology and strategies to advance sales to a close. This seminar is about honing skills to insure a clear competitive edge. Specifically, it will focus on practical ‘How-to’s’ that will increase sales performance.

It will deal with:

  • How to open sales calls more effectively
  • How to manage the decision making process
  • How to manage and influence decision-making criteria
  • How to utilize SPIN strategy to identify, develop and satisfy client needs
  • How to handle client concerns and objectives and change them into positive opportunities
  • How to close effectively without pressure

In addition, the session will focus on increasing sales by targeting ‘high-propensity to buy’ clients.

Super Charged Service...How to Create "Customers for Life"

Dave will focus on:

  • Living the Mission – Delivering value on each and every customer contact
  • Understanding Value – From the customer’s point of view
  • Knowing how the customer perceives
  • Skills, techniques and strategies to positively influence the customer
  • “How to” – understand the customers needs, problems, wants, concerns
  • Value Model – Pride in Delivery – Honesty – Dignity – Respect – Integrity
  • Dealing with all types of customers in all types of circumstance and situations
  • Creating a Tailored Experience

The session will be highly informative, motivational and fun learning experience.

Peak Performance

Peak performance will focus on skills, technology and strategy for personal performance. Dave will present a number of business models that will help each participant increase sales, deliver exceptional service and build loyalty with their customers.

The DCSE Framework - The Corporate Values Sales Approach

Duration: Keynote, One Day, Two Day, Three Day, Four Day
Target Audiences: Sales Professionals


The DCSE Framework and the Corporate Values Approach to Selling program helps sales and sale support professionals develop skills in four specific areas. The program starts by providing various models and strategies to comprehend why clients buy, followed up by a number of sales communication skills and the DCSE Framework to build sales strategies. The final area covered in the presentation is business development strategies – how to look for more opportunities with clients, former clients, competitors, etc.
The DCSE© Framework and the Corporate Values Approach to Selling helps develop skills in four specific areas of professional development for sales and sale support professionals.

1. Sales Concepts – Understanding Why Clients Buy?

  • The Corporate Values Approach to Selling Products and Services
  • The DCSE© Model – Differentiating the Sales Experience
  • Needs Development Strategy – The Xerox Model
  • Understanding Client Perception – Consulting Group Study
  • The Value Model… V = (Pb Sb R B) – Costs
  • Six Influence Strategies
  • Managing the Client’s Decision Making Criteria and Process
  • Building Trust and Relationships Model


2. Sales Skill Sets – Sales Communication Models


3. Sales Strategies – The DCSE Framework

Phase 1 – Understanding Corporate Values – The Values Sales Approach
Phase 2 – Defining the Ideal Client – Sales Professional’s Relationship
Phase 3 – Discussing the Current Business Vision and Situation
Phase 4 – Presenting Ideas, Solutions and Recommendations
Phase 5 – Agreeing on the nature of the on-going Relationship


4. Sales Activities – Business Development Strategies


The DCSE Framework and the Corporate Values Approach to Selling can be delivered as a Keynote Address format at a conference or as a performance concept or in a one, two, three or intensive four-day training session.


“Sales Professionals that have a clear understanding of sales concepts, plus first quartile competencies in using sales communication skill sets are able execute the DCSE© Process and create a truly differentiated sales experience for the client.


The sales experience should be a win for the client, the Seller and for the Organization… anything less should be considered unacceptable”

Speakers 2.0

Speakers 2.0 is an offering that is redefining expectations in the speaking industry by leading with the idea that a speech can be just the first step in a more comprehensive and effective solution to your organization’s needs. Speakers’ Spotlight wants to sustain the value that you and your organization experience during a live speech, long after the conference is over.


While every client has vastly different needs, Speakers 2.0 customized offerings can include:


– A pre-recorded video library customized to your organization’s long-term needs

– A series of customized webinars

– Short video segments reinforcing and building on the knowledge shared in the original keynote

– Audio podcasts

– Online learning modules

– Email newsletters

– Follow-up conference calls

– Follow-up articles, publications, tools, and tips

– Customized surveys and analysis


Please contact us for more information and to discuss how David Prentice’s offerings can help your organization make long-term progress.