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David Irvine

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Are you committed to attracting and retaining the best talent to reach your organization’s fullest potential? If the answer is yes, then David Irvine―a mentor whose work has contributed to the building of hundreds of vital and engaged organizations throughout North America―can give you the competitive edge. With a vision to create workplace cultures that unleash greatness, Irvine clarifies complex issues and offers pragmatic solutions to renew and rekindle the vitality of your organization, your work, and yourself.

As one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture, Irvine  has authored five bestselling books, has taught courses at three universities, including at the Banff School of Management. He has advanced degrees in human development, science, and social work. With more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, workshop facilitator, psychotherapist, professional speaker and advisor to executives, he has developed a unique, personal and practical approach to transforming leaders. Every year, thousands of people attend his inspiring and thought-provoking programs on authentic leading and living, culture alignment, and accountability.

Irvine consults with and presents to thousands of people each year across North America in a wide range of venues—from huge conventions to small retreats. He has worked with government officials and staff, CEOs and senior executives, as well as all levels of management, front-line service providers, salespeople, educators, and health care professionals.

Irvine is a formerly nationally-ranked distance runner and trained with the US Olympic team, but today exercises more slowly.

Building a High Performance Culture: Your Competitive Advantage In The 21st Century

If you are committed to attract and retain the best talent and reach your fullest potential as an organization, culture will be your most critical competitive advantage. This is because your best people now have a low tolerance for compliance and insist on engagement.

Take this rare opportunity to learn from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture. In this inspirational and thought-provoking session, David Irvine provides practical perspective and strategies to achieve values alignment that will unleash the potential of your organization.

  • Learn the essentials of organizational culture and your role as leaders in building a high performance, aligned organization.
  • Learn the fundamentals of creating a Values-Aligned Culture™ that will attract, retain, and inspire greatness.
  • Learn the key leadership imperatives for building a culture that engenders trust, loyalty, open communication, engagement, and renewed commitment.
  • Discover the key to employee engagement, motivation, and sustainability in the midst of relentless change.

Authentic Leadership: It's About PRESENCE, Not Position

Leadership is not a title. You get promoted to being a boss, but leadership is something you earn by the choices you make and the actions you take. It’s about PRESENCE, not position.

Now more than ever, power, purpose, and privilege do not reside at the top of an organization. They potentially live at every level. We know that great cultures – organizations that exhibit qualities such as employee engagement, credibility, sustained commitment, camaraderie, and pride – can be created at every level. Regardless of your title, leadership is a decision to discover and express your unique talents in the service of others.

You are invited to take this opportunity to step back, gain new perspective on this leadership responsibility, and strengthen your competence in the practice of leadership. As one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture, David Irvine offers a new view of who you are as a leader and what you and your organization can become. Leave with practical insights and strategies for building a culture that attracts, retains, and unleashes greatness.

  • Learn the difference between a boss and a leader, and the true source of leadership power — your authentic, accountable presence.
  • Discover the vital leadership accountabilities that will inspire others, renew your culture, and engage people in what matters most.
  • Learn the key leadership strategies that engender trust, loyalty, open communication, and renewed commitment.

Building A Culture Of Safety: The Power Of Accountability

Health and safety for employees and customers remains the top priority for the best organizations. We all know that safety in the workplace is a key to operating a sustainable and profitable business. If people don’t feel that their work environment is healthy and safe, employees won’t be engaged, and if people aren’t healthy and safe, you soon won’t be in business.

For the past two decades, David Irvine has dedicated his career to helping organizations build accountable cultures. As one of Canada’s most respected voices on accountable leadership and organizational culture, he has written two best-selling books on the topic: Accountability: Getting A Grip on Results and Bridges of Trust: Making Accountability Authentic.

We are pleased to announce that David has now taken his in-depth understanding of accountability and applied it to the field of safety.

His new “A Culture Of Safety” program provides a blueprint for building healthy and safe environments. You will leave with a new view of who you are as a leader and a fresh vision of how to build a culture of safety. In this inspiring, thought-provoking, and practical program, David offers a fresh and powerful view of accountable leadership that closes the gap between intention and performance, banishes blame and fear, and gets a grip on results that matter.

  • Move safety “value statements” beyond lip service and off the wall and into the actions of every employee at every level.
  • Develop a practical accountability process that makes health and safety inspiring.
  • Get beyond compliance to sustained ownership and commitment to safety.
  • Learn a practical process for safety that provides renewed clarity about each person’s accountability, conversations at a new depth with the right focus, and energy – to build sustained engagement.
  • Develop a strategy for consistently implementing safe work procedures, control measures, and compliance requirements, while proactively reducing risks in day-to-day operations.

Note: David Irvine’s safety program can be tailored to any audience and presented in a two-hour format or up to a one-day workshop. We are here to offer support and guidance after the presentation to strengthen your existing safety culture.

Bridges of Trust: Accountability Starts With You

Great leadership cannot be reduced to technique or position or power. Great leadership comes from the strength of one’s authentic presence – the identity and integrity of the leader.

A crucial issue in the world today, trust is the bedrock of success in work and in life. Trust is a new global currency and is mission critical in every organization. It crosses cultures and generations. Building and restoring trust in your family, community, workplace, and with those you serve is your number one leadership priority.

The leadership required to build a culture of trust does not come from a title. Leadership isn’t something that you can put in a mission statement. It’s not what you describe yourself to be, what you aspire to, or even what you say you are going to do.

Leadership is something you earn by the choices you make and the actions you take. Leadership is how you act and the results you get. It’s about how you connect with people, take ownership, model accountability, mentor others, build trust and create an engaging, authentic, respectful environment in which people have a chance to be their best. Leadership is about how you live your life. It’s about presence, not position.

Take this opportunity to step back and gain a new perspective on leadership from one of Canada’s most respected voices on leadership and organizational culture. You will leave with a new view of who you are as a leader and a fresh vision of how to build an engaged, high performance culture of trust. Leave with practical insights and strategies for developing your leadership capacity and your culture that will inspire and unleash greatness.

  • Learn what it takes to lead a high performing, engaged culture – with our without a title.
  • Learn how personal accountability is the key to building a culture of trust, and how to achieve it.
  • Leave with a toolbox of practical steps to build trust in your organization and in every relationship in your life.
  • Discover your true source of leadership power: your authentic, accountable presence.


Accountability: Making It Inspiring and Real

Great cultures are built on leadership at every level: leaders who are aligned with organizational vision, values and expectations, and leaders who take ownership to make it happen. While the foundation of a great culture is leadership, the foundation of great leadership is accountability – the ability to be counted on.

With everyone talking about the need for more accountability in the work place, why is it that accountability is so likely to turn people off? You have to get to the deep meaning and application of accountability. If you don’t, it becomes a hammer to blame and punish people or at best, just another organizational buzzword.

In this inspirational, thought-provoking, and engaging session, David offers a fresh and powerful view of accountability that builds trust, respect, integrity, unleashes human potential, closes the gap between intention and performance, banishes blame and fear, and gets a grip on results.

Based on David’s inspiring book, Bridges of Trust, this session illustrates how accountability is not a “program” to be “installed” throughout an organization or a “flavour of the month” management fad. Accountability is an inspiring leadership philosophy that lies at the foundation of both labour and life, and promises five vital results: Clarity – about your role, direction, and promises; Communication – at a new depth, with the right focus; Alignment – of values, purpose, passion, and agreements; Energy – to build sustained engagement; and Trust – the one thing that changes everything.

In this thought-provoking and engaging session, David will share his proven and practical approach to accountability that builds a culture of greatness. Take this opportunity to step back and gain a new and positive perspective on accountability. David Irvine’s proven and practical philosophy and approach helps leaders build a truly accountable organization and life that inspires and unleashes greatness.

  • Discover what it means to be accountable, and how to make accountability inspiring in your organization and in your life.
  • Learn a practical, hands-on approach to build trust and respect in your organization through the power of accountability.
  • Inspire your employees to think like owners: foster an accountable attitude at every level of your company.
  • Discover a practical tool for getting a grip on results by holding others accountable in a positive way – and help develop your people.
  • Transform blame, entitlement, and fear into courage, personal responsibility, and commitment.
  • The accountable performance process: learn a simple and practical process that will inspire your high performers, deal effectively and respectfully with your “non-performers,” and renew your organization.
  • Discover how to assess, inspire and engender deep trust in your organization through the power of accountability.


Embracing Change: The Power Of Possibility

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists. — Eric Hoffer, philosopher

To survive – and thrive – you have to learn to adapt to change, as well as learn what and when not to change. Once you have made a decision to be a leader, you become the agent of change. But where is your road map? Where are your tools? There are eight stages of change. The first is chaos; the eighth is possibility. Once you lead yourself and others to the point where possibility is embraced, transforming fear into confidence, you have done your job. When you have mastered the art of embracing change, you will not only build a strong, vital organization. You will build a strong, vital life.

  • Learn to make change inspiring – for yourself and those you lead.
  • Turn fear and resistance into confidence and commitment.
  • Leave with a roadmap for leadership through the stages of change.