Colin Angus

Adventurer | Author | Filmmaker

Colin Angus was the first person to circle the world exclusively by human power. A leading adventurer, filmmaker, bestselling author, and named by Outside magazine as one of the “World’s Top 25 Bold Visionaries,” Colin shares his strategies for achieving the seemingly impossible, increasing efficiency, maintaining motivation, and risk management, while delighting audiences with his thrilling stories of life off the beaten path.

Angus has had a life full of transformative experiences. He spent five years sailing the Pacific Ocean, exploring countries including French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and Papua New Guinea; he and two friends rafted down the Amazon River, braving treacherous white-water rapids and even gunfire from guerilla fighters; he survived being lost in the Mongolian wilderness with no tools for survival while seeking to navigate the Yenisey River; and, in perhaps his greatest accomplishment, he walked, biked, skied, paddled, and rowed more than 43,000 kilometers, crossing three continents and two oceans to complete the first human-powered circumnavigation of the Earth. Other feats include the fastest human-powered circumnavigation of Vancouver Island in a rowboat; rowing 7,000 kilometres from Scotland to Syria; and, most recently, a National Geographic Expedition searching for the origins of the olive tree.

Angus is the author of five books, and his writing has appeared in The Globe and Mail, Explore, enRoute, and Reader’s Digest, among others. He has also co-produced four documentaries, which went on to collectively win more than ten awards at international film festivals.

Increasing Personal Potential

We are all capable of achieving more. Angus shares his strategies for increasing efficiency, maintaining motivation, and avoiding pitfalls through risk management. These lessons are presented within the entertaining and often hilarious tale of his two year expedition circling the world by human power.

Dynamite Duo: Lessons in Teamwork

Angus speaks together with his wife, Julie Angus on teamwork. The two have completed numerous grueling expeditions together including five months alone in a rowboat crossing the Atlantic Ocean. These two will have you in stitches, but more importantly, will reveal the secrets of making team dynamics work in any situation.

Rowboat in a Hurricane

Change is becoming the norm in today’s business environment, but we still have a hard time adapting. Angus shares strategies for dealing with change, and how flexibility allowed him and his wife to survive a hurricane in a rowboat.