Carol Roth

Carol Roth

Panel Moderator | Business Media Personality

An authoritative voice in business and news media, Carol Roth is a highly sought-after panel moderator and emcee who always ensures that “business is never boring”, making her a time and time again  favourite with all audiences. She is also known for providing frank, straightforward, and insightful business advice to hundreds of business owners, ranging from a single entrepreneur with an idea to Fortune 500 businesses leaders.

With a strong business background, Carol is a “recovering” investment banker, a billion-dollar dealmaker, an investor, entrepreneur, business advisor, and the author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation: Evaluating the Realities, Risks, and Rewards of Having Your Own Business.

She is also a regular contributor for major media outlets including CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox Business, and was a judge on the hit reality TV show America’s Greatest Makers. She was also the host of The Noon Show on WGN radio in Chicago, and for Microsoft’s Office Small Business Academy. Additionally, Carol actively writes for Entrepreneur and, among other outlets.

As a dealmaker, Carol has helped clients ranging from “solopreneurs” to Fortune 500 companies, comple more than $2 billion in transactions. Her transaction experience includes capital raising and M&A and joint ventures, and she also engages in marketing services — creating seven-figure brand loyalty programs — along with general strategic advisory work.

Carol holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She counts among her “accomplishments” having an action figure made in her own likeness, getting a standing ovation from Richard Branson, and having the NFL follow her on Twitter.

The War on Small Business: Moderated Q&A

In her new book, The War on Small Business, Carol Roth uncovers how government bureaucrats have been looking for ways to destroy small businesses and consolidate power for decades, and how with COVID-19, they finally had their chance.

In this session, Carol will discuss the major takeaways of her book – including how government policies during the pandemic harmed the most vulnerable while supporting and protecting the wealthy – while taking audience questions and highlighting relevant findings from her work.

Panel Moderator

Carol brings her radio and TV expertise as a professional Panel Moderator.  She makes panels fun and informative, with a talk-show vibe. She has done this for events and outlets like The Chicago Cubs Convention, The SBA, Microsoft, Inc.500, The New York Times Small Business Summit and many others.

Online Event Panel Moderation

Carol  produces non-event or outside event video and audio content to supplement events and for brands. Her experience includes work for Bank of America, MasterCard, MetLife and others.

Hosting/Master of Ceremonies

Expert multi-media hosting experience plus a bold personality allows Carol Roth to act as the perfect Master of Ceremonies, Host or Panel Moderator for your event. Carol will work with you on the content for the event, including opening and closing the event, introducing speakers, facilitating audience Q&A, conveying event logistics and other duties typical of a Master of Ceremonies or Moderator, tailored to your event’s needs.

Elevator Pitching: How to Deliver Your Message for Maximum Impact in Any Format

Regardless of your main job function, you need to always be marketing, selling and pitching.  In this session, you will learn about elevator pitches and delivering your message effectively.  You will get the keys to create a great pitch and insight on how to tailor your pitch to your audience. Plus, you will have the opportunity to interactively critique real elevator pitches, plus craft your own for presentation and feedback live on the spot!