Carl Honore


Carl Honoré

Author, In Praise of Slow and Under Pressure

Carl Honoré is an award-winning journalist, TED speaker, and is the international bestselling author of In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed. Hailed by the Wall Street Journal as “an in-demand spokesman on slowness” and by CBC Sunday Edition as the “unofficial godfather of a growing cultural shift in slowing down,” Honoré builds a compelling case for slowing down as a way to live, work, and play better in the fast-paced modern world.

Honoré’s TED talk has been viewed more than two million times, while In Praise of Slow has been translated into more than 30 languages; was a BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week, and the inaugural choice for the Huffington Post Book Club. In Praise of Slow also featured in a British TV sitcom, in Argentina’s version of Big Brother,  and in a television commercial for the Motorola tablet.

His second book, Under Pressure, explores the state of childhood today and shows how we are raising a generation of over-managed, over-stimulated and over-indulged children, was shortlisted for the Writers’ Trust Award, the top prize for non-fiction in Canada, while his most recent book, The Slow Fix, explores how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life, from health and relationships to business and politics, without falling for superficial, short-term quick fixes.

Honoré’s most recent book, The Slow Fix, explores how to tackle complex problems in every walk of life, from health and relationships to business and politics, without falling for superficial, short-term fixes.

Honoré presented a series for BBC Radio 4 called The Slow Coach, in which he helped frazzled, over-scheduled Britons slow down. He also presented a TV show called Frantic Family Rescue on Australia’s ABC. His TED talk on slowness has been viewed 1.75 million times. He is also a host of a podcast called The Slow Revolution.

In addition to writing, Honoré has worked with street children in Brazil, and covered Europe and South America as a journalist for the Economist, Observer, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Time, National Post and other publications. In 2016, he joined the Board of Trustees of Hewitt School in New York City.

Carl Honoré est un journaliste canadien et l’auteur primé du livre à succès international Éloge de la lenteur, qui examine notre envie irrésistible de tout faire en vitesse et qui fait la chronique du mouvement mondial du ralentissement.

Éloge de la lenteur a été choisi par The Globe and Mail comme l’un des dix meilleurs livres de poche dans la catégorie non fiction de l’année 2005. Il a été l’objet d’un article-vedette dans la revue Maclean’s. Honoré a été l’invité de nombreuses émissions télévisées canadiennes y compris CBC News : Morning et The Sunday Show également sur CBC.

Honoré est un conférencier plein d’humour, à la personnalité attachante et à l’esprit pénétrant. Il plaide fortement en faveur du ralentissement du train de vie pour mieux vivre, travailler et jouer dans un monde moderne rapide. Voici un de ses propos :

« Nous ressentons tous la pression qu’excerce sur nous le désir de tout faire en grande vitesse. Mais il faut savoir que la rapidité n’est pas synonyme de qualité. Lorsque chaque moment devient une course contre la montre, lorsque nous oublions de ralentir, nous en payons le prix. Notre régime, notre santé, notre travail ainsi que nos relations et nos communautés en souffrent les effets. Sachez qu’il y a cependant une autre façon de vivre qui s’appelle le mouvement au ralenti. »

Honoré vit à Londres avec sa femme et ses deux jeunes enfants. Il vient d’entamer l’écriture de son deuxième livre qui traitera de l’enfance et du rôle parental.


The Slow Revolution

The world is stuck in fast-forward and paying a heavy price for it. When every moment is a race against the clock, when we forget how to slow down, everything suffers – our diet and health, our relationships, communities and the environment, even our work, companies and the economy. But there is an alternative to today’s roadrunner culture. It’s called the Slow movement. Being Slow is not about doing everything at a snail’s pace; it’s about doing everything at the right speed. Slowing down at the right moments can bring more depth, pleasure and meaning to our lives. It can boost our health and make us more efficient, creative and productive. In this talk, Carl shows how we can all work, play and live better by unleashing our inner tortoise.

Raising Children In A Fast World

Childhood has become a race to perfection, which harms children and everyone connected with them. Now there is a backlash as people everywhere try to give kids the time and space to explore the world on their own terms, take reasonable risks, play freely, to be children again. In this talk, Carl touches on themes ranging from technology and extracurricular activities to schooling, safety and consumerism. He explores how to strike the right balance between doing too much and doing too little for children, and shows how slowing down can give them a childhood worthy of the name.

The Slow Fix

A quick fix is not always the wrong option. There are times when you have to channel MacGyver, reach for the duct tape and cobble together whatever solution works right now. But most problems we face today are too complex for instant remedies. When it comes to mending a failing company, treating an illness or rebuilding a broken relationship, there are no quick fixes. The only real solution is a Slow Fix. By spending time with people who are solving tough problems in business, politics, health and many other domains around the world, Carl has built a problem-solving recipe with more than a dozen ingredients. This Slow Fix includes taking the time to: admit and learn from mistakes; work out the root causes of the problem; seek ideas from everywhere; and embrace uncertainty. In this talk, Carl shows how to avoid the quick-fix trap and how to start putting a Slow Fix into action in every walk of life.