Brian Keating

Celebrated Wildlife Expert and Anthropology Professor

Are you overwhelmed with everyday demands at work and at home? Is the pace of life leaving you breathless? Wondering what you can do to de-stress and re-charge? If so, Brian Keating’s magical presentations allow you to forget your problems and be whisked off to many of the world’s most wondrous places will leave you feeling like you got the break you needed. A celebrated wildlife expert and world traveller, Keating takes audiences on adventures from jungle safaris and mountain climbs, inspiring audiences toward wanderlust and exploration.

For over 20 years, Keating ran the Calgary Zoo’s nature-based travel program. Presently, he is the Zoo’s honorary conservation advisor to their outreach efforts, and a part-time adjunct assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Calgary.

In the media, Keating has hosted a weekly nature column for the CBC, and has been featured on a bi-weekly wildlife segment on the Discovery Channel. He is also the director of the documentary Going Wild in Madagascar, which aired worldwide on Discovery HD-TV, and the author of five children’s books celebrating nature.

Keating was named the “Canadian Hero of the Year” award (2006) from Readers Digest Magazine for his global environmental efforts, and holds an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Brandon University (2009) and an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Calgary (2011).

Secret Springs

Another all time favourite, this is the video I produced that caught the attention of The Discovery Channel, who featured segments of it on three special national television nature programs. 60 kilometres from the nearest permanent water, a cool clear spring bubbles up from the ground throughout the dry season, creating a life-giving water source for thousands of mammals and millions of birds. For a week each time on four separate expeditions, my wife and I sat like flies on the wall, watching the wild Africa unfold. This is a remarkable story of the raw struggle of life.

Islands of Time

During this visual journey, Keating will lead us through some remote islands, especially large tropical islands, exploring the home of some of the planet’s most beautiful yet strangest life forms. From tiny intensely coloured poisonous frogs to birds with impossible plumage and howling primitive primates that are capable of ricocheting from branch to branch, this is a story of wildlife discovery that takes place in the most remote forests, rivers and mountains of Papua New Guinea, Borneo, Madagascar, the Galapagos and other less known island landscapes. The adventure is a showcase of ecological fragility that reaches all Canadians.

This program is the perfect winter escape for Canadians!

Three Women - Three Animals

In this program, I look at three species of African animals (gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants) and the three women researchers (Fossey, Goodall, and Moss) who have spent decades in the forest and savannas observing these remarkable animals. These women share a behavioural trait: their tolerance. They have all endured prolonged periods in difficult, remote and rugged conditions. I’ll examine their research animals and touch upon the researchers themselves, and look at sometimes surprisingly different observational conclusions they have made compared to their male research counterpart.

Searching for The Mountain Gorilla

A photographic journey into the wilds of Rwanda and Zaire of find and observe wild gorillas. The program then takes us to Tanzania to contrast the lives of wild chimpanzees to the gorillas. At the invitation of Jane Goodall, my wife and I spent a week following the chimps she has made so famous. A very buoyant and sometimes humorous story that takes place in a fascinating part of tropical Africa.

Going Wild A spirit-lifting journey into some of the planets best wilderness locations.

Brian Keating has been traveling the wilds of the world for over a quarter of a century, exploring some 50 countries on all 7 continents. His passion for remote travel will be revealed as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of story-telling. Punctuated throughout with humour and personal anecdotes, he’ll illustrate his presentation with his own live-narrated video segments.

He promises a journey to deserts near and far, into rich polar regions with unbelievable creatures, to mountain summits and rich tropical forests, and to places where wildlife numbers leave one overwhelmed with satisfaction. And finally, he’ll return to our own Canadian backyard of tundra and mountain, reconfirming the value of our collective understanding of the importance of wild spaces.

His presentation is designed to inspire and enthuse, offering hope for a better tomorrow.

Alpine Highlife

Feeling a little overwhelmed with your everyday demands at work and at home? Is the new technology leaving you breathless? Our technological explosion is pushing us to work faster, harder, more efficiently, and all with less people and support in our work environment. And on all of this, there’s your family needs too! What should we do to enable all of us to lead a healthier, better balanced life?

Leave town. That’s right, get out…!

Brian uses the mountains as a metaphor to creatively illustrate some of life’s exciting options and possibilities. It’s a story that passionately illustrates the pure joy of life in high places, illustrating with a buoyant pace, the importance of taking time out for number one… you!

This is a buoyant and humorous program with a solid ecological message that encourages people to get the most out of life and life’s possibilities.

The Wild Elephants of Africa

Since 1983 Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, have led yearly safari excursions into eleven different African countries, allowing them to accumulate over three years of outback experiences, min big game country. The exploration of the African bush has quite literally become a passion for both. Together they have logged hundreds of hours tracking, locating and observing elephant. During this presentation, Brian will make some comparisons to our own behaviours that will both surprise and captivate you. These big-brained, intelligent creatures live complex, social lives, and share some astounding similarities to our own behaviours. From the deserts of Namibia, the rainforests of Rwanda and to the grasslands of Tanzania, Brian will take you on a remarkable journey, a story enhanced with a blend of anecdotes and personal experiences told in a humorous style as only Brian can.

Penguins in Paradise

Brian Keating returned earlier this year from his sixth expedition to one of the largest wilderness landscapes on the planet: the Antarctic. He’ll begin this presentation with a brief account of the most astounding Antarctic adventures of all time, that of the remarkable leadership and survival story of polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, early last century. After a brief comparison to our own Canadian Arctic, he’ll introduce you to the potential violence of the Southern Ocean, then you’ll float on calm waters into an icy wilderness of life-abundance: sea birds, seals, whales and penguins. Using his informative and sometimes humours method of live-narrated video, you’ll feel as though you are part of the expedition, exploring this hauntingly beautiful icescape.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

A few years ago my wife and I not only summitted Kilimanjaro (via a seldom climbed route), but we ended up traversing it too! Some of the video footage I managed on the trip has been used in two of my “Discovery TV” program segments, but this video edit is the “entire” story, fresh off the mountain! I’ll first illustrate some other volcanic classic ascents using slides, then we’ll cap off the evening with the Kilimanjaro climb video presentation, live-narrated, that will leave the group with an entirely new outlook on high adventure and travel opportunities.

Life in the Hot Zone

Volcanoes tend to be hotbeds of interesting life forms, in more ways than one would think! Join Brian Keating as he and his wife Dee ascend several volcanic landscapes around the world, examining the strange life forms that somehow have managed to live there, despite the harsh conditions. You’ll stand on the summits of Mona Loa, Mt. Egmont and Kilimanjaro, and descend into the boiling caldera lake of Dominica and traverse the reptilian lavas flows of the Galapagos. Much of the filming Brian managed on these expeditions have been used on his “Discovery TV” program segments, but tonight’s live-narrated video and slides are fresh off the mountains! You’ll never look at a volcano the same again!

Cold Leadership

Brian Keating is an adventurer, world traveler, and leader of some 60 expeditions to remote locations world-wide. He returned earlier this year from his twelfth voyage to the Antarctic, this time repeating a month-long expedition retracing much of Shackleton’s route.

Early last century, one of the most remarkable stories of risk taking and survival was played out in the remote frozen seascapes of the Antarctic. Shackleton was an extraordinary leader, and he somehow managed to beat all possible odds during a two-year struggle with survival.

What lessons can Shackleton teach us about life and leadership? How could his ice-bound situation of courage and endurance give us insights into the possibilities for our own future?

Brian plans on taking you on a voyage through one of the most astounding wilderness survival adventures of all time, illustrating the brilliant leadership qualities that enabled Shackleton to return home without the single loss of life. He’ll then take you into the icy waters of the Antarctic using his informative method of live-narrated video, to witness the life-abundance of sea birds, seals, whales and penguins, exploring this hauntingly beautiful icescape.

Flying Frogs in the Heart of Borneo

Flying frogs, gliding lizards and monkeys with a banana-like nose? Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, traveled for a month deep into the heart of Borneo searching for a wild time. And they weren’t disappointed. Brian will put you face to face with rare forest elephants, some remarkable insects, impossible proboscis monkeys, and the incredible people who share the forests with these unique creatures.

A Little Sex, a Little Adventure, and a Bit of Passion

Please excuse the title, but it’s all true. This is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the Calgary Zoo that make working there one remarkable experience. Brian Keating will take you on an adventure that only he can tell, because he was there, watching and filming, right in the thick of things. By persistence, good planning and plain old dumb luck, Keating happened upon more than you’ll bargain for during this sometimes humorous, often profound, and highly personal presentation.

Madagascar Magic

Brian Keating has been traveling the wilds of the world for over a quarter of a century, exploring some 50 countries on all 7 continents. His passion for remote travel will be revealed as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of storytelling. Punctuated throughout with humour and personal anecdotes, he’ll illustrate his presentation with his own live-narrated video segments.

With this, his newest program, he promises a journey into the wilds of Madagascar in search of primitive primates found only on this remote island, “spirits of the forests”, the lemurs.

Last year, Brian spent a month in Madagascar, searching the forest trails both day and night to discover some unique creatures. In addition to 18 species of lemur that he found, he also encountered the bizarre leaf-tailed gecko, outrageously coloured chameleons, and endemic exotic birds.

His presentation is designed to inspire and enthuse, offering hope for a better tomorrow.

Polar Possibilities: Adventures in Paradise

The Arctic is on many peoples minds these days: it’s hot politically; it’s hot physically (or at least it’s warming), it’s hot militarily; and because of all this, it’s hot psychologically. Or at least it should be: our Canadian High Arctic backyard is 33% of who we are!

Nearly 30 years ago, Brian Keating spent four months living in the high Arctic, hiking hundreds of kilometers, often encountering wolfs, fox, musk ox, caribou and hares. He dreamed then of hiking through the only glacier-free pass amongst a dramatic mountain range that stood shimmering to the east. In July of 2002, that dream came true, and since then, he has completed four additional expeditions in the high Arctic.

With this program, Brian will present segments of these adventures with his own unique method of live-narrating his video edits, hiking through breathtaking landscapes of icy cold rivers, glaciers bulging from nearly every side valley, amongst the carpets of brilliant Arctic-alpine flowers, encountering beluga whales, musk ox, caribou and polar bears.

This is a celebration of our own Canadian Arctic wildlife and the landscapes they live in, a celebration of one of the planets last great wilderness areas.

It's that Old Cat-Dog Thing

Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, have travelled deep into the wilds of 17 African countries on nearly 50 safaris over the past quarter century. Encounters with the big cats have been a major focus of their travels, including leopard, lion and cheetah. Their keen cat interests have also taken them into the high mountains of the Himalaya, in search of the elusive Snow Leopard where Brian will take you on a rare journey seldom witnessed. Of course, one cannot talk about cats without a mention of dogs, and with that in mind, Brian will begin with a short but powerful introduction to the Wild Dogs of Africa.

Brian’s stunning professional photography will be featured throughout the presentation (his work has been frequently featured on the Discovery Channel).

Using his well-known style of live-narrated video, he promises to show you some wild cat behaviour that is guaranteed to both intrigue and inspire, shedding new light on one of nature’s most perfect designs.

Animal Talk

Getting bogged down by voice mail, email, Facebook, twitter and faxes? Office pressures mounting with increased demands and so-called clinical efficiencies, meetings, deadlines and flavor-of-the-month business practices? And on top of all this, are family, friends and life-long partners tightening up the home-front screws?

Waite a minute! Here we are representing the top primate with the biggest brain-to-body-weight ratio of all the animal kingdom, and our whole world appears to be spinning out of control.

How did we get here anyway?

Brian Keating is going to attempt to provide some insight into this question. Using some remarkable video segments filmed in some of the worlds most remote locations, live narrated with a style that only Brian can manage, he’ll take you into a world you never expected, illustrating how the animal world makes communication all appear so easy.
The way it should be.

He can’t help you un-complicate your communication woes, but his method of weaving humour and wonder of natural communication may make it all a bit easier to swallow.

Places to See Before you Die

Brian Keating and his wife, Dee, have been explored some 50 countries on all 7 continents during the previous three decades. His journeys have taking them into some of the best wildlife locations on the planet.

Using a series of his own professionally edited video clips, Brian will live-narrate some of the options of modern travel opportunities, taking you on a surprising journey into the heart of some of his most memorable life experiences.

During this presentation, you’ll travel on foot, kayak and canoe, on small aircraft, and by motorboat into the heart of Africa, South America, Asia, the Polar regions, and finally, into one of the best remote diving locations in the world. It’s an adventure into unbelievable abundance, diversity and beauty.

Brian will present all of this with his usual high energy, buoyant, fun and informative style, punctuated with personal anecdotes and humour.