Timothy Caulfield's new show A User's Guide to Curing Death

Coming Soon: Timothy Caulfield’s Show Gets Picked Up By Netflix

Inspired by his book Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything, Professor Timothy Caulfield created his TV show A User’s Guide to Cheating Death to figure out why people are so obsessed with crazy therapies, detoxes, and unorthodox techniques promising quick fixes to all our health and beauty woes.

Currently a professor of health law and science at the University of Alberta, this show brings Caulfield around the world, from Edmonton to Hong Kong, as he experiments with alternative health practices.

This week, it was announced that Caulfield’s show will be coming to Netflix! Originally airing on Sky TV in the UK and distributed in North America via Vision TV, Netflix will promise Caulfield’s show greater distribution across North America.

From an article in The Toronto Star, Caulfield says “We are really excited, and we hope it’s a reflection of people’s interest in these topics and the desire to know what’s going on.”

While the show began with the premise of “debunking” alternative health fads, Caulfield also wanted to capture the user’s feelings and what attracted them to the therapies in the first place. He found the perspective quite interesting after undergoing a few of the practices himself.

“It was a pretty positive experience. Even if I knew there wasn’t any science behind it, you can understand why people are attracted to this stuff,” he said.

But, each episode is still rooted in science with Caulfield working with fellow researchers from the University of Alberta, “I hope that the viewers feel like they get a balanced perspective,” he said. “But a perspective that is very much evidence-based.”

“In this era of misinformation and twisted facts, we felt like a show like this was timely and there might be an appetite for it,” Caulfield said.

The show’s premiere date is still to be announced, but Caulfield says season one should launch before Fall 2018.

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