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What’s New In….

What’s New In….


David Rocco

Celebrity Chef David Rocco Partners With Barillia

Barilla has a new cook in its kitchen. Celebrity chef David Rocco has signed on to become the pasta maker’s brand ambassador. David will take part in promotions, public relations initiatives, and social media for the brand. He will also develop pasta recipes to be shared with consumers. David’s first major campaign for Barilla will be for an initiative called “Share the Table,” to promote the importance of families eating together.

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Peter Docker, Simon Sinek and David Mead

Peter Docker and David Mead Discover the “Why” at Ultimate Software

Working closely with Simon Sinek–the renowned leadership expert and author of the bestselling book Start With Why–but in their own unique ways, and with their own perspectives, Peter Docker and David Mead are helping to advance Simon’s vision of the world. Both Peter and David are passionate about enabling others to be extraordinary. In their talks and workshops, they help to harness the power of “Why” to create extraordinary cultures and sustainable high performance.

Recently, what began as a half-day “Why Discovery Workshop” with Peter Docker and David Mead for the leadership team of Ultimate Software’s Services Group, led to a comprehensive learning and development initiative delivered across the company over eight days.

By the end of the Summit, each participant was equipped with a fresh perspective on leadership, and with skills, tools, and a common language with which to create contagious conversations within the rest of the organization.

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Great Traits with Mark Tewksbury and Debbie Muir

Great Traits Offers “Achiever Traits”

Great Traits is a professional development program founded by Olympic Coach, Debbie Muir, and Olympic Champion, Mark Tewksbury. Coming from the worlds of Olympic and high performance sport, Mark and Debbie have spent many years exploring what leads to excellence in achievement and leadership. Their “Achiever Traits” video series  introduces viewers to the fundamental skills required to be the best, and their objective is simple: inspire and challenge everyone to discover what is possible, and to share practical, simple ways to make that possibility a reality.

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