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Spotlight On: Financial Experts

Spotlight On: Financial Experts

Six of our most popular experts on topics ranging from innovation to behavioural finance:

Amanda Lang | “Innovation And The Power of Why”

As the co-host of CBC TV’s Lang and O’Leary ExchangeAmanda Lang has a front-row seat to the world’s top stories in business, politics, and economics. In her bestselling book, The Power of Why, Lang explores the connection between innovation and productivity, and how it is crucial in today’s knowledge economy.


Moshe Milevsky | “How To Avoid Outliving Your Money”

In an era when economic sustainability is in question, leading financial strategist Moshe Milevsky is here to help. Introducing audiences to his powerful framework for managing financial health, Milevsky shows people how to protect their vulnerability to risk and generate long-term security.


John Warrillow | “How To Attract The High-Net-Worth Client”

Attracting high-net-worth clients is a challenge for most financial advisors. John Warrillow, a regular contributor to and The Globe and Mail, provides proven strategies to identify high-net-worth individuals within the entrepreneurial community, and convert them from fair-weather customers to long-term clients.


Dr. Lisa Kramer | “This Is Your Brain On Finance”

Dr. Lisa Kramer is no stranger to the dynamic marketplace of ideas. An expert on behavioural finance, investments, capital market seasonality, and personal finance, Dr. Kramer provides audiences with a deeper understanding of how the mind affects our money.


Preet Banerjee | “Why Good Financial Advice Is More Important Than Ever”

Preet Banerjee inspires others to become financially empowered. The W Network’s money expert, the host of Million Dollar Neighbourhood, and a financial panelist on CBC’s The National, Banerjee takes the complexity out of money matters and speaks on behavioural finance, neuroeconomics, investor advocacy, and more.