November 6, 2012 by Speakers' Spotlight

Election Day!

Unless you truly have been living under a rock, you’ll know that today is Election Day for our friends south of the border.  For journalists and pundits, this is the culmination of a year and a half’s worth of scrutiny and speculation, and they will no doubt be working around the clock to report the results.

We know intuitively that what happens in the US affects us, but unless you’re an expert on international relations, economics, education, healthcare, the environment, infrastructure, public policy, trade, defense, and energy, it’s difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of what the implications of an Obama vs. Romney America will have for Canada over the next
four years.  Socially and economically we know we will be impacted―but how?

With information bombardment at an all-time high, the trend in expertise that we’re seeing is the ability to focus on not only what is happening, but how new developments affect the rest of the puzzle pieces.  Many of our speakers are uniquely qualified to provide these types of insights.  Rudyard Griffiths, co-anchor of National Affairs on CTV; Andrew Coyne, of The National Post; The Honorable Preston Manning, founder of The Reform Party of Canada; and Pamela Wallin, Senator and former Counsel General of Canada in New York, can all expertly interpret the results of the election, and what a Republican or Democrat POTUS will mean for Canada, and the rest of the world.

America is our largest trading partner and ally, and Canadian business leaders will no doubt be looking to experts for their take on
today’s outcome.