November 29, 2012 by Speakers' Spotlight

Craig and Marc Kielburger on 60 Minutes

This past weekend, Craig and Marc Kielburger, along with their organization Free the Children, were featured on 60 MinutesThe brothers started the charity when Craig was 12 years old, in response to the death of a child slave in Pakistan. They gathered their friends and school mates together, and from their living room started initiatives like writing letters, making phone calls, and having lemonade stands to generate awareness of child slavery.

Today, Free the Children operates in 45 countries. It has built 650 schools, and provided education at more than 55,000 schools.  Thanks to the charity, more than a million people have clean water; 30,000 women are economically sufficient; and $16 million in medical supplies have been provided for people who need it.

Craig and Marc travel all over the world spreading the message of empowerment to children and adults alike, and work to raise awareness and support for Free the Children.

Here at Speakers’ Spotlight, we have been long-time supporters of the brothers, helping them spread their message to corporate groups, associations, and not-for-profit groups.  In 2007, we partnered with Free the Children and adopted a village in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya (the same region featured on 60 Minutes).  We were pleased to be able to raise funds for a one-room schoolhouse, pay a teacher’s wages for a year, furnish all of the textbooks needed, and provide a lunch program for the students.  Additionally, we were able to construct a well to deliver clean water to the community and deliver $200,000 worth of medical supplies.

We have seen first-hand the great work that Marc and Craig do, and we are proud to be involved with Free the Children.  If you’d like more information on having Marc or Craig speak to your group, or if you’re wondering how you can get involved, we’d be happy to help.