November 23, 2012 by Speakers' Spotlight

Black Friday

Today is a good day for retailers.  Known primarily as an American phenomenon, Black Friday seems to be creeping north of the border more and more, and is the unofficial kick-off to the “holiday shopping season.”  Shoppers will flood the stores today, and no doubt we’ll see some crazy footage of the stampedes on the news channels this evening.

A major challenge for retailers though, even today, is how to get people to shop in their stores rather than online.  As well, we hear from our clients that staffing recruitment and retention is an on-going struggle in the retail industry.  We represent some amazing retail experts who have been helping clients with these issues, and many other challenges that the retail industry faces.  Donald Cooper and Kevin Graff are two such experts that we often recommend to our retail clients.

Donald Cooper gives retail clients tangible, actionable ideas to implement in their stores to add value for their customers and drive business.  He goes above and beyond what most would expect from a keynote speaker, often spending time with employees and in the retail outlets prior to his presentation to get a sense of the challenges that his clients face.  Donald is a veteran in the
retail and speaking industries, and we consistently get amazing feedback on his presentations.

Kevin Graff is another phenomenal retail speaker. One of his areas of expertise is finding, keeping, and motivating great staff.  Kevin has proven methods that address the issues that plague the retail sector, like high turnover.  Along with a high-energy delivery, he’s been a valuable resource for many of our retail clients.

So, for the shoppers of the world, best wishes for short lines and great deals today.  And for the retailers―if this holiday season isn’t all you were hoping, perhaps Donald or Kevin would be a great addition to your next event.