May 15, 2012 by Speakers' Spotlight

Implementing Your Vision: A to B, not A to Z

Guest blog from Jason Barger

Jason Barger is a globally-celebrated Author/Speaker/Consultant and creator of the “Step Back from the Baggage Claim” movement. Barger spent seven straight days flying 6,458 miles to seven different cities – without leaving the airports the entire time. His observations and reflections on the ways we are moving throughout our world became the book series that has been recognized globally throughout businesses, non-profits, universities, and healthcare organizations. Barger has been featured by the New York Times, ABC News, Kiplinger, Book TV, National Geographic Traveler, and many other spots worldwide. Prior to starting a social movement, Barger led over 1700 people to build 125 houses internationally for families living in poverty. Barger’s approach, spirit, and style add value to organizations that are passionate about leadership development, culture, service, innovation, social responsibility, and bringing their mission to life every day. His inspiration and compelling content is infectious.

I recently returned from Texas A & M University (Aggieland) where I was invited to be the closing Keynote speaker for their national COSGA Conference. Over 400 student leaders from different campuses across the nation came together to discuss Visionary Leadership. It was a terrific collection of people.

I was asked to focus on the concept of “Implementing Your Vision” – taking ideas and aspirations and moving them into action. I enjoyed our time Stepping Back together and thinking about how Purpose, Perspective, and Progress play a significant role in every project we pursue. I reminded the group of the words of computer programmer, Alan Kay, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

During the Q & A session following the Keynote, one of the academic advisers raised a question that I hear quite often when discussing this topic.

“I have a project in mind that I’m passionate about and I want to create it,” she began. “But, I get so overwhelmed by the thought of all the details that come with it and how I’ll ever be able to make it all happen. Do you have any advice for this overwhelming feeling that comes with trying to actualize your vision?”

I could see the daunting feeling radiating off of her as she asked the question. You could tell this was quite a heavy burden for her. In the past 2 years, I have met countless people along my travels that have been wrestling with this very same issue. They have something they want to create but, are so tangled up in the idea, that they have to figure it all out at once. They are overwhelmed because they do not have all the answers. Guess what — none of us do!

I reminded the group that as we begin to actualize our vision, we don’t have “to go from A to Z all at once, we only have to first go from A to B.” If we’re clear and rooted in the Purpose of “why” we want to bring this to life then we just need to “dare to begin.” We don’t have to solve it all in one step — we just need to take the first step and begin to solve the first question.

So, what is your company or organization trying to create next? What is a project you hope to actualize? Are you clear on the Purpose? What is the first question or questions that need to be addressed? Dare to begin.

I, too, am not “finished” with any of my current projects. Great progress has been made, but the next steps and questions still exist. Today, I must “dare to begin” — again.

Travel Gracefully,

Jason Barger