April 17, 2012 by Speakers' Spotlight

Intentional Congruence

Guest blog from Jason Barger

Jason Barger spent seven straight days flying 6,458 miles to seven different cities – without leaving the airports the entire time. His observations and reflections on the ways we are moving throughout our world became the book series that has been recognized globally throughout non-profits, universities, businesses, and healthcare organizations. As an author, speaker, consultant, and creator of the ‘Step Back from the Baggage Claim Movement’, Barger has been featured by various media outlets worldwide. He is passionate about inspiring positive action in the world, and his creativity, insights, spirit, and ability to relate content uniquely to each group, are a perfect match for almost any audience. Barger adds value to organizations that are passionate about culture creation, leadership development, service, innovation, social responsibility, and bringing their mission to life everyday.

I love the phrase. Intentional Congruence. Nido Quebein, a successful speaker and President of High Point University, is the one who most often gets credited with coining the phrase.

Anyone who has watched a basketball team with tremendous chemistry, listened to singers with beautiful harmony, or witnessed a couple communicate with each other with such love and clarity – has experienced Intentional Congruence.

But what does it mean for our personal lives, teams, careers, and the way we choose to “move throughout the world” on a daily basis? Are we purposeful about the actions we put out into the world? Do all of our efforts tie together and support our ultimate Mission? Does everything we do feed the other important things we are trying to accomplish?

It’s so easy to rush ahead toward deadlines and tasks, but in our rush, lose focus on the purpose of our efforts. As D.H. Lawrence reminds us, “One’s action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be mere rushing on.”

When we make time as individuals and teams to Step Back, align our actions with our Mission, and communicate our intentions with clarity – we allow space for a congruent spirit to weave throughout our lives. The challenge is…we must intentionally create the space. It’s far easier for the looming deadlines or tasks to steal our attention and wrap us up in “getting things done” rather than investing in emotional clarity and vision.

Today, ask yourself, what it would mean for you to Step Back and enter into a process of Intentional Congruence?

I’ll meet you at the Baggage Claim.

Travel Gracefully,